‘Apex Legends’ Season 7: What we know about the Trident

Apex Legends Season 7 is only a few days away, and fans for the battle royale are excited to see what’s coming next. Respawn Entertainment has a lot lined up, but nothing is as interesting as the Trident.

The recent gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 7 showed off the Trident. It will be the first vehicle to join the battle royale, so it’s expected to shake things up. Here’s everything we know about the Trident when the new season arrives this week.

It’s not a car

To begin with, the Trident isn’t a standard car. Actually, it’s a hovercar. Players might feel weird when controlling the car as there will be less traction when used. Moreover, the Trident might be harder to control as compared to other vehicles in other battle royales. On the other hand, since it’s a hovercar, it’s easier to make the car fly in short distances.

It fits the entire squad

When the Trident was first revealed, players were worried that the car won’t be able to handle every player on a squad. The good news is that the Trident will be able to accommodate one driver and two passengers who will be dangling from the sides of the vehicles.

Olympus is expected to be a big map. As such, the Trident will remain a crucial tool in terms of exploration. It will be interesting to see how the vehicle changes the way Apex Legends Season 7 is played.

It can be used for combat

The vehicle is not just a transport option; it’s also a combat tool. Players can attach various ultimate from it. From what we’ve seen, players will be able to attach Rampart’s Sheila, Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, Caustic’s Gas Traps, and more to the vehicle. Basically, the weapon can be used as a tool for ambushing.

Beyond this, the passengers will be able to use their weapons while the car is moving. Of course, this will be a big challenge considering that the Trident is a fast vehicle. It will be exciting to see how players take advantage of the Trident to get victories.

Apex Legends Season 7 begins on Nov. 4. The sixth season is still live. To make matters even better, Respawn Entertainment has doubled the amount of XP that players will gain while playing before the season arrives. Those who’ve yet to complete the battle pass has the chance to do so now.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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