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‘Apex Legends’ Switch version coming in 2021 instead


Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games currently. It was supposed to expand to the Nintendo Switch, but there has been a slight change of plans for the game.

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is expected to be launching on the Switch this year.  The Steam version of the game has finally arrived. However, it seems like the Nintendo Switch version will be in the works for a lot longer than expected.

Delayed to next year

The Switch version of the battle royale was announced to be coming this Summer. However, players had already doubted the release date as weeks went by, and Respawn Entertainment had no word about the exact release date.

In a blog post, EA has confirmed that the Switch version has been delayed. It will instead launch sometime next year, but no release frame has been given yet. As for the reason, all the developers said is that this year brought in a lot of challenges for the development phase, making the Switch version rather impossible.

Will the wait be worth it?

Now that Apex Legends for the Switch has been delayed, players are questioning whether it will be worth it. It’s apparent that Respawn Entertainment is having a few issues porting the game to the console. It’s most likely because the game itself is demanding in terms of performance.

Porting the game to the Switch while ensuring that those playing on consoles won’t have significant disadvantages over those in other consoles is tough.

To begin with, the Switch isn’t a powerhouse of a console yet. As such, those playing on the console might have a tougher time due to limited draw distance and lower-resolution graphics.

In terms of whether it will be a success, fans can look to Fortnite. Epic Game’s battle royale is a major hit on the Switch. There’s no doubt that a free-to-play game like Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is going to be a big hit as well. Hopefully, we get to hear more from the developers regarding a release date soon.

The delay might be sad to hear for those eagerly anticipating Apex Legends on the Switch. However, if it’s for the better of the game, then fans are definitely going to want to stay patient. For now, fans can access the game on the other consoles it is available on.

Image used courtesy of EA/YouTube

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