‘Apex Legends’ time-to-kill revamp faces backlash

Apex Legends time-to-kill revamp faces backlash

Respawn released Apex Legends Season 6 “Boosted” yesterday. It has been 24 hours, and the new update is greeted with criticisms.

Several competitive Apex Legends players voiced out their concern regarding the time-to-kill (TTK) changes. Casual players shared the same sentiments regarding the shift in meta.

One user who took the extra mile to gather opinions regarding the recent TTK changes.

Apex player and Reddit user u/Diet_Fanta compiled the opinion of Apex pros and streamers about the season 6 patch. He posted the compilation on the official subreddit.

I asked Pros about their opinions on the new TTK from apexlegends

What are the TTK changes?

Respawn made a lot of changes to the game this season. The most controversial one is the Evo Armor change. All players drop with an Evo Shield that they can charge upon dealing damage.

That sounds like the perfect way to initiate early game fights and reduce the number of campers.

However, there is another armor change that is causing all the ruckus. All armors are 25 health shorter compared to the previous patch.

This lower health plus the addition of powerful weapons means that players die quicker. It also removes the “outplay potential” that Apex is known for.

Apex Legends introduces the new SMG - Volt

Pros comment on changes

“It is so brain dead. It’s so brain dead.” Twitch streamer, Euriece, took two sentences to sum up the sentiment of the pro community.

Meanwhile, NRG Frexs called the current TTK “busted.”

“It’s really weird,” said Pro and streamer, iiTzTimmy.

“I don’t want to play aggressive anymore. (Like) The way they made this made it really feel like I don’t want to play aggressive. It felt like I just get punished every single time,” iiTzTimmy added.

Apex Legends Boosted is only a day old and it garnered these kinds of comments immediately. Respawn might need to patch things up quickly before it discourages people to hop into the game.

Images [1], [2] courtesy of Apex Legends/Electronic Arts

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