‘Apex Legends’ tips and tricks: How quests work

Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale is expected to become larger and better with the introduction of the fifth season called Fortune’s Favor. Of all things seen from the trailer so far, it’s the quests that has the attention of fans.

Upon seeing the latest Apex Legends trailer, fans can’t help but try out the new quests in the game. From the look of things, the new feature is similar to contracts in Call of Duty: Warzone. What exactly are quests in the battle royale, and why are fans so eager to try it out?

Participating in Broken Ghost

The quests in the game are more complicated than it seems. In general, however, the main goal is to collect a total of nine artifacts all throughout the season. First, however, players will need to find Treasure Packs, which are gathered through any mode in the game. It’s worth noting, however, that players are limited to one Treasure Pack per day.

After collecting a total of five packs in a week, players can then go on a Weekly Hunt in King’s Canyon (Night). This is a PVE mode that pits players against Prowlers. After completing the quest, they’ll get a piece of the artifact.

Players can help out their friends who are doing the quest, but they can only be rewarded with the artifact if they meet the requirements as well.

After collecting nine artifacts, players will get to uncover a secret in Apex Legends that delves deeper into the past of the games.

What are the rewards?

The treasure packs themselves serve as a reward for players. Aside from artifacts, these can contain cosmetic items, crafting materials, and more. So if players collect once per day, it’s like getting an Apex pack as well. There are a total of 45 treasure packs to collect within the season, so the player should seize the opportunity and get a hold of these rewards.

Beyond that, there could be more rewards waiting for players at the end of the season as well. It’s advised to finish the questline as early as possible, even if the season lasts for three months. 

Quests are just one of the things that should excite players in Apex Legends season 5. It’s certainly a step up from what players have been used too. What’s more exciting about the quest is that it adds a new depth to the game’s lore, which long-time fans might be keen on discovering.

Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/YouTube

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