‘Apex Legends’ tips: Mastering Bloodhound for better performance

One of the great things about Apex Legends is that there’s a character for everyone. For those that are aggressive, Bloodhound is often the leading choice.

In Apex LegendsBloodhound works well as a scout because of his skillset. A team with a master Bloodhound can easily track down any squad and take them out from behind. Here are a few tips for players to up their Bloodhound game.

Track to hunt and escape

Respawn Entertainment titles Bloodhound as a technological tracker. It’s a fitting name as he can easily find enemies that have been through a certain area. Most players try to use Eye of the Allfather and Tracker abilities to catch enemies off guard from behind.

However, Bloodhound’s skillset can also be used as a means to avoid combat. If players need to regroup or revive someone, Bloodhound’s abilities allow him to avoid any areas that potentially have enemies.

Team up with Caustic and Bangalore

Caustic and Bangalore are two characters that work perfectly well with Bloodhound. Caustic’s gas and Bangalore’s smoke can and will disrupt the sight of enemies and squad members. However, Bloodhound’s Beast of Hunt’s ultimate ability can easily negate the effects of these skills.

When activated, enemies will be highlighted. This means if a gas trap or smoke grenade is activated, Bloodhound can take out the enemies while they shoot blindly through the disruption.

Abuse Eye of the Allfather

Eye of the Allfather has been buffed to cover more distance. It’s an advantageous ability now, and it is something that players should abuse, considering that it cools down relatively fast. It’s one of the best Tactical Abilities in Apex Legends only because it allows teams to set up attacks more easily.

The only downside to it is that the tracked enemies will be notified if the scan hits them.

Always be on the offensive

Bloodhound’s kit is for aggressive players. It is better to be the hunter than the hunted in Bloodhound’s case. Players should always go for the kill when playing as Bloodhound instead of waiting out the circle. It’s best to equip Bloodhound with close to mid-ranged weapons as snipers are going to be a waste on him.

Apex Legends is easy-to-pick-up, but its characters are tough to master. With these tips, players are going to be a step closer to mastering the game’s best tracker.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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