‘Apex Legends’ tips: Who should have which Legendary equipment

Having the best equipment possible is just one of the keys to winning in Apex Legends, but of course, equipment distribution is essential as well. If squads know what Legends should equip, then they have a better shot at winning.

There are a lot of factors to winning in Apex Legends, and knowing what to equip is just one of them. Here’s a quick guide to knowing which Legend should equip what Legendary gear.

Gold Helmet

The Gold Helmet increases the recovery of a Legend’s ultimate ability. As such, it’s best given to Legends that have crucial ultimate abilities. The obvious answer would be Pathfinder and Lifeline, who both have abilities that can be used for a quick escape. However, giving it to Bangalore and Gibraltar is also a good idea as their ultimate abilities can turn the tide of the battle instantly.

It’s also possible for players to share the helmet if the coast is clear so that everyone’s ultimate ability gets up.

Gold Body Shield

The Gold Body Shield allows players to use healing items at a faster rate. Everyone on the current roster can make good use of this gear, but it’s best for characters like Wraith, Pathfinder, and Octane, who have lesser defenses than everyone else.

Alternatively, the gear can be given to Bloodhound as he can use it as he tracks and hunts down enemies. Since Bloodhound has an aggressive playstyle, it would be better to give him something to increase his survivability.

Gold Backpack

The Gold Backpack in Apex Legends will give the wearer the ability to up downed opponents with extra health. This makes the gear crucial for those that have revived abilities such as Gibraltar and Lifeline. We suggest giving it to Gibraltar as the speed he revives allies while under the shield is very useful.

Gold Knockdown Shield

The Gold Knockdown Shield allows any wearer to revive themselves when they get knocked down. It’s a crucial ability that can win matches, but the duration of a self-revive is far longer than a usual revive. It would be best to give this to a Legend with high survivability or those that can escape as there’s a chance that enemies are already on them once they are done upping themselves.

This simple guide in Apex Legends can help players get better to win rates. It’s not wise to hog all of the Legendary equipment as teams will benefit more from it if the right Legend is wearing the right gear in the game.


Images used courtesy of EA

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