‘Apex Legends’ update: Lifeline gets significant buff

As a battle royale, one of the most unique features of Apex Legends is the heroes and the roles they play in each match. While those roles might not have been felt initially, the developer is doing its best to ensure that each legend is capable of owning up to their job.

Both Crypto and Bloodhound have planned buffs that make them even more formidable scouts in Apex Legends. Now, the developers are planning to buff the resident healer in the game, and it’s going to be a big buff from the look of things.

Lifeline’s new abilities

The recent trailer for the limited-time event called Lost Treasures not only showcased what players can not only see the exclusive skins and features of the event, but they also show what seems like an upgrade to Lifeline’s skillset.

In the trailer, we can see Lifeline using her trusty drone to revive a downed ally Bangalore. What’s even better is that the drone will deploy a shield similar to how Lifeline deploys one when reviving and ally. This is a significant upgrade that could add Lifeline to the meta as it allows her to continuously fight even when reviving a teammate.

That’s not all. The developers say that Lifeline will also be able to revive her other teammates in Apex Legends personally while her drone is deployed. This makes reviving allies after fights much quicker. Most importantly, it further strengthens Lifeline’s role as the game’s only medic.

For now, players are curious to see whether or not Lifeline’s drone benefits from the effects of a golden backpack, which allows the user to get revived with extra health and shield.

When will the update drop?

Sure enough, Lifeline mains are excited for the legend’s upcoming buff, but there’s a chance that Respawn Entertainment is still working out the kinks. They wouldn’t want to deploy a buff that’s too powerful.

The good news is that since we’ve already seen the buff firsthand, this means that the developers are already close to refining and then eventually releasing the update into the game. We might even get the buff once the new event arrives on June 23.

Apex Legends’ heroes are becoming more unique with each season. The upcoming buff to Lifeline makes her an even better medic, and we’re excited to see how she can turn the tides in favor of her team during intense battles.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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