‘Apex Legends’ update: Mirage rework explained

Apex Legends is a great battle royale, but what makes the game truly stand out is its main cast of characters. Of all the currently available legends in the game, one that fans love for his quirks and antics is Mirage.

Mirage is one of the original characters in Apex LegendsDespite being one of the most popular in the community, Mirage doesn’t have a high pick rate has many believe his skill set isn’t as effective as with the other legends. He has been reworked before, but in the fifth season, he has changed completely. Here’s how Mirage works in Fortune’s Favor.

Psyche Out

With the new Mirage, players have better chances of “bamboozling” other players. This all begins with Mirage’s new tactical ability called Psyche Out. It’s like Mirage’s Decoy from before, but now, players can temporarily control the decoy as well by pressing the tactical ability button again.

Since players can now control the decoy, they can dupe other players into chasing the wrong unit. Until it is hit, the decoy will remain active. Players can also deploy another decoy while another is active, but only one can be present at any given point in time.

Now You See Me

Mirage’s passive has been greatly improved as well, and it could be game-changing in Apex Legends. In previous iterations, Mirage goes invisible temporarily when he is downed. After the update, however, he can now become invisible while reviving opponents at a respawn beacon. This means stealth revives are more likely with Mirage’s new passive.

Life of the Party

Listening to fans, Respawn Entertainment did a great job of changing Mirage’s ultimate ability. Taking a cue from the Dummy’s Day Out limited-time mode last February, Mirage’s Life of the Party ultimate ability can really dupe players now.

Once used, Mirage will deploy multiple decoys that can mimic his every move. It’s mostly used as a distraction to dupe enemy teams into hitting the wrong targets, but with the right plays, Life of the Party can also be used to ambush unsuspecting enemies from behind.

With the new rework, Respawn Entertainment is hoping that fans will like the new Mirage rework. Considering that this is what fans have been requesting for a long time, we might see more Mirage’s in the game.

Apex Legends is currently in its fifth season. The Mirage rework is just one of many changes in the game. Players should jump in on the action as soon as possible.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Reddit

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