‘Apex Legends’ will come to Steam this fall, including crossplay support


Apex Legends is coming to Steam this coming fall via Origin.

The game will come with many other Electronic Arts titles as they open their library to Valve’s platform. EA is not only adding Apex Legends to the internet’s biggest digital gaming platform.

They’re moving almost everything they have, the most recent being Sims 4 and Titanfall 2 and some others.

Apex will be a welcomed addition for Steam players

Apex is likely the most complicated EA game that will come to Steam. It’s also among the most anticipated, especially to battle royale fans. Those looking to consolidate their games in one place will be more than happy with this move.


Nintendo Switch fans can also rejoice, as Apex will come to the platform too. The Switch port will likely come around the same time as Steam. This addition will put the game on all major gaming platforms, which is crucial.

Much of the work will come on the shoulders of dev team Respawn, who will add an extra feature for the game. Respawn will be adding crossplay for Apex, which will cover all platforms. Crossplay support will encompass Origin, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Crossplay is among the most-requested features in multiplayer games. Even then, much of Respawn’s hurdle will come from the difference between PC and console players. Balancing the game between keyboard and mouse vs controller users will be a finicky tricky.

It is conventional wisdom across gamers that mouse and keyboard will always destroy controller users. The precision, speed, and accuracy of mouse setups are hard to defeat in any game.

EA inclusion of games to Steam is not a full transition

The addition of EA games like Apex Legends to Steam comes from today’s EA Play livestream. Electronic Arts is shifting its games to Steam, mostly to grow their current market share. Fans clamored for their games to come to Steam for years, and EA changing its mind is a crucial step.

The inclusion of The Sims 4 and Titanfall 2, together with their DLCs, is a superb move for the company. Other new additions include Need for Speed Most Wanted, A Way Out, and Dead Space 3.

The transition of EA games, including Apex, is not complete, however. Many EA games, when launched on Steam, would still need Origin to start. Even then, this move gives Steam-only fans a chance to consolidate their library.

Before its move to Steam, Apex Legends will have a Lost Treasures event this Tuesday, June 23. The new event will feature a new storyline and some limited-time items.

Images courtesy of Electronic Arts/YouTube Screenshot

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