Apple acquires self-learning AI video startup Vilynx

Apple has bought the self-learning AI video startup Vilynx. This is a big step by the tech giant for its plans.

Bloomberg reported earlier on Wednesday that Apple has acquired Vilynx. The latter is specialized in AI and computer vision technology.

The new acquisition will definitely boost all future devices, including iPhones. It will improve their artificial intelligence across apps and services.

According to several people, the actual deal happened earlier this year.

Details on the deal with Vilynx

Vilynx is a Barcelona-based startup. It developed a technology that analyses a video through AI algorithms. It can understand a video clip’s visual, audio, and text content to tell what it’s actually showing to the user.

As per unidentified sources involved in this acquisition, Apple paid $50 million to Vilynx. However, it’s not an officially disclosed figure; that’s the real amount.

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” the company said in its statement.

On its now non-operating website, Vilynx previously showed what amazing things its technology could do. Its system claimed not only to recognize items in a video but also to understand them further.

“Recognition is detecting Michael Jordan’s face,” said the website in the past.

“Understanding is knowing it’s Michael Jordan, the former NBA basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls and went to the University of North Carolina.”

AI plans of Apple for future devices

Everyone knows how much the California-based tech giant is into the futuristic improvisations in its devices. It always keeps doing things in a new but simpler way.

And with the Vilynx deal, it now seems that the iPhone maker will use the Barcelona-based startup’s technology very intelligently.

The word “intelligent” automatically means Siri here. With the new AI capabilities, the iPhones’ Photos app will surely become more interactive and useful. Users will be able to search for videos similarly as they do with pictures in the default photo app.

Currently, iOS users can search for different pictures by searching for items featured in a particular image.

Moreover, the new AI technology may also make its way onto the News and TV apps to show extra relevant content.

After the deal, around 50 of Vilynx’s engineers are remaining at Apple. It also includes the company’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Elisenda Bou-Balust.

This deal is not just the one Apple made in 2020. Earlier this year, it also acquired, Inductive, and Voysis to boost its AI abilities in the future.

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