Apple AirPower getting rehash with better design

The Apple AirPower will allegedly be re-released with a smaller form factor and a better wireless charging coil design to avoid overheating.

Will Apple go fully wireless in the future? As of this moment, no one except the people from the company can confirm. Nevertheless, the time seems ripe for another Apple industry shakedown. A couple of years ago, Apple dropped the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone.

The company drew flak for the move. However, because of it, users were given thinner and more powerful smartphones. Now, it seems like the Cupertino-based company is up to something big again.

The demise of Apple AirPower was because of its design

Three years ago, Apple released the first and only Apple AirPower. A successor never followed because the design allegedly did not live up to the standards of the company. A recent Tweet surfaced that shows the faulty design that could have been the cause of the AirPower’s downfall.

The Tweet showed a teardown of the AirPower, which revealed a complex multi-layer design. The external layer is the surface where the devices are placed. The second and third layers are the chipset board and the charging coil.

It hasn’t been confirmed if these are the actual layers of the AirPower. Nevertheless, the compact design of the second and third layers could have been the reason for the charger’s demise.

Is it finally making a comeback?

Recent rumors point the idea that Apple could eventually go portless for the iPhone. This rumor spread like wildfire because Apple will allegedly not ship brick chargers and wires with the new iPhone 12. Again, only Apple can confirm if this is true or not during the October launch.

If they indeed go portless for the next iPhones, a new and better designed Apple AirPower could be the solution to the problem. Apple sells an ecosystem. As such, users buy all accessories that go perfectly with the phone. One user may have a pair of AirPods and Apple Watch when they buy their new phones.

Having three separate chargers for each is quite burdensome, and Apple is expected to fix such a problem. Jon Prosser supports this theory. He shared earlier this year that Apple has found a way to charge the Apple Watch on the Apple AirPower wirelessly.

If this is true, the stars are aligning for what could be an Apple AirPower comeback. Of course, Apple is not a company that releases a half-baked product. They know that if they launch a charging pad, it has to support all its products. That way, they can cross-sell more products to their customers.

Image courtesy of r.classen/Shutterstock

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