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Apple AirPower Mini could debut in the next weeks


The new AirPower Mini could be released alongside the iPhone 12 lineup according to a leak picked up by a famous tipster.

In a few weeks, Apple will provide a global distraction to the pandemic. It will surely turn heads when it releases the new iPhone 12. New and refreshed Apple products could be released with the new phone too.

However, based on earlier rumors, there still aren’t confirmations whether or not Apple will ship a power brick in the box. It caused quite a stir on the web when the leaks broke out. As such, it remains to be one of the biggest charger news for the upcoming event. Coming second to it is Apple’s revival of the AirPower.

The new AirPower Mini could be released sooner than later

The AirPower can be considered one of the few products of the company that failed. It didn’t live up to its hype of convenience and seamlessness. Instead, it was glitchy and provided more headaches than solutions. Fortunately, for those that have been looking forward to a revival of the charger, their wish could be granted soon.

EverythingApplePro picked up from Komiya, via Twitter, that an all-new AirPower Mini could be seeing the light of day in a few days or weeks. On the other hand, the bigger AirPower could still be released sometime in 2021.

It could mean two things. First, the AirPower Mini could be released with the iPhone 12 lineup. Second, it may be announced in a succeeding event after the iPhone 12 event. After all, there is still a slew of Apple products to be announced. The AirPower, on the other hand, could be released during the first quarter of next year.

Repaired mechanism of the wireless charger

The AirPower is designed to juice up Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. However, as mentioned earlier, the original system design was flawed.

Obviously, Apple has learned from their mistakes and won’t commit the same blunders with the new wireless chargers. The iPhone 12, although still not confirmed, will have a coil installed at the back for a more snug fit with the AirPower. The Apple Watch has the same system for wireless charging.

The peeve of many wireless charger users is that when they leave their phones on the pad overnight, they sometimes end up not charging. It can be attributed mainly because of the magnets at the back of the devices. Without it, users sometimes misalign their Apple devices on the pad.

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