Apple AirTag, what’s been revealed so far

Apple AirTag, what's been revealed so far

Apple is reportedly releasing AirTag, which will help users locate their lost devices using ultra wide-band technology rather than just Bluetooth.

Apple has been known to play a wait-and-see approach since Steve Jobs passed away. They don’t mind releasing new devices late, and they do this to ensure that only perfect devices are released.

Their strategy is apparent with the 5G bands. Apple is a full year late, but they had to wait for telecom companies to establish a good 5G network first. Now that the landscape is ripe with 5G towers, Apple is expected to take the market by storm. They are expected to release four new 5G-capable iPhones later this year.

They seem to have implemented the same strategy with the upcoming AirTag. Unfortunately, their main competitor, Tile, has lobbied an anti-trust campaign. It remains to be seen how the case against Apple will turnout. Nevertheless, below are what is expected of Apple’s tracking device.

Apple AirTag leaked by Apple itself

In a very un-Apple like manner, the company was the one that revealed this new device. Back in April 2020, Apple accidentally leaked the name of AirTag in an iPhone support video. Naturally, many were intrigued and had to research about Apple’s new device.

After some investigatory work, Apple AirTag was found out to be a device with similar functionalities as Tile. AirTags are expected to be small devices that can be stuck or hooked to a non-connected device. These items can be keys, dolls, remote controllers, or just about any item that can be easily misplaced.

AirTags will work similarly with the Find My application of Apple. In other words, other than just finding a user’s iPad, MacBook, or iPhone, they can now find little items that have AirTags with them.

Form factor and network connection

Apple’s tracking device is expected to ship with a very small body. It can either be circle or square, and fans can expect it to come with a simple design. It remains to be seen how Apple will power these trackers. Tile offers its devices with replaceable batteries.

AirTags are also expected to go beyond just Bluetooth. It is rumored that it will use ultra-wideband technology for a more precise tracking feature. This technology provides more accurate indoor positioning. These trackers can also use Apple’s wide network of devices that can communicate with each other in finding devices.

Once an item is lost and it is nearby an Apple device, the user will be notified about the lost item. He then will be directed to the original owner of the item, thereby making tracking a breeze to use.

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