Apple AirTags will come in two sizes for better fit

Apple AirTags will come in two sizes for better fit

Apple will allegedly release two sizes of the upcoming AirTags according to L0vetodream who has had a colorful track record with Apple leaks.

Apple has had two big events so far this year. First, the release of the Apple Watch and the iPad Air. Second, the announcement of the new HomePod Mini and the iPhone 12 series. It will still reportedly have one more big event to close out the year. As for the specific date, every Apple fan is just waiting for the announcement.

Speculations about what will be released during the event are plenty. Apple is expected to primarily highlight a new Mac computer running the latest Apple Silicon chip. Alongside it, several new accessories such as the Apple AirPods Studio and the Apple AirTags are expected to be announced.

Apple AirTags will come in two sizes

According to L0vetodream, who has had a good track record on Apple leaks so far, the AirTags will have two sizes. In his usual cryptic leaks, he only initially tweeted ‘big one, small one, coming soon’. He didn’t clarify which product he was referring to. As a result, his followers immediately went on to guess which upcoming Apple product will have two sizes.

Some surmised that the big and small detail pertained to the new MacBook Pro laptops. Some other speculated that L0vetodream was referring to the AirPods. However, after a few hours, he clarified that he was pointing to the AirTags that will have two sizes. He didn’t clarify what sizes these trackers will come in.

Nevertheless, having a small one will be nifty for small items that need tracking such as credit cards or keys. The bigger ones, on the other hand, will be more appropriate for bigger items such as remote controllers or even work or school bags.

Functionality will be the key to the trackers’ success

Apple is essentially taking a page off of the book of Tile. The AirTags will offer identical services as Tile’s products. However, the former has the advantage of using the entire Apple ecosystem to help find lost things. As such, nearby iPhones or MacBooks can help the AirTags identify and reunite lost items with their rightful owners.

Also, the AirTags will allegedly have ultra-wide bands similar to those inside the Apple Watch and the HomePod Mini. With this technology, the tracking precision of the AirTags will be up to the specific inch or meter where the item is lost.

L0vetodream’s leak may or may not be true. Only Apple can confirm for sure if there will actually be two sizes of the trackers. Fortunately, the wait won’t be too long anymore.


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