Apple announces upcoming ‘One More Thing’ event

Apple “One More Thing” event is set to take place on November 10th, 2020. It’s coming sooner than the predicted date of 17th November.

Apple yesterday announced its “One More Thing” event for November 10th, 2020. The event will probably be seeing them announcing its first Arm-based Macs that operate on Apple Silicon chips instead of the Intel processors that the company has been using since 2005.

Apple surprises everyone with the announcement

Apple takes everyone by surprise with this announcement. According to some reports, the event was supposed to be held on November 17, 2020.

However, yesterday they announced that it would hold its “One More Thing” event on 10th November instead.

In fact, one of the most reliable sources like Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, says that they were taken by surprise with the announcement as well.

Jon Prosser is a tech and an analyst. He is better known online as FRONT PAGE TECH (FPT). FPT is an American technology news program on YouTube.

Front Page Tech is a semi-daily news production that uploads general news concerning technology with a comic curve.


Apple Silicon Processors or Intel Processors?

In the “One More Thing” event on 10th November, Apple may announce its first-ever Arm-based Macs that will run on Apple Silicon chips instead of Intel processors. They have been using Intel Processors since 2005.

According to MacRumors’ reports, Apple has at least three Mac processors under development based upon the iPhone 12’s A14 chipset. Further, many even believe it as the first to be the 12-inch MacBook ARM.

On the other hand, Intel recently revealed its 11th Generation processor, mainly for thin and light laptops, Tiger Lake.

However, the successor to Ice Lake is already reserved to appear in over 150 laptops. That including devices from Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and Samsung, to name a few.

What can consumers expect?

Apple invites always have something new and exciting for everyone. This one has the same hype as any other. The event will be taking place next Tuesday, on 10th November 2020, at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

According to a few reports, including someone as reliable as Jon Prosser, Apple could be announcing AirTags. Jon Prosser says that he believes that Apple AirTags will be announced simultaneously as iOS 14.3.

And considering the possibility of iOS 14.2 going under a general release, tech enthusiasts can expect iOS 14.3 announcements at the “One More Thing” event next Tuesday.

Moreover, they may also announce its first-ever Arm-based Macs that will run on their Silicon chips instead of Intel processors that they have been using since 2005.

Image courtesy of Khoa chemiKent/YouTube Screenshot

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