ZILLA crypto app expanding into events after Apple approval

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An app that was approved by the Apple store as an ICO platform and multi crypto wallet is now expanding into events.

ZILLA, which was approved by the Apple store early in 2018, will now offer a ticketing platform to allow its tens of thousands of users to buy blockchain conference tickets using cryptocurrency.

The company’s founder, Abasa Phillips, says the feature will solve a number of problems for crypto enthusiasts across the globe.

“I search on Eventbrite to find blockchain events, but they are mixed in with general fintech events, so I end up missing some conferences,” Mr Phillips said.

“Also, I’m based in Japan and most crypto event lists generally only list a very small portion of events, usually overlooking Asia.

“I’m sure you will find many events on our platform that aren’t listed anywhere else.”

apple crypto
ZILLA founder Abasa Phillips.

Apple approval

The ZILLA app was approved by the Apple store after what Mr Phillips describes as a “gruelling” three month process.

“It was a difficult time for legitimate blockchain and crypto projects (because) there was an abundance of crap that Apple needed to sort through. The process was extremely difficult.”

But since 2018, ZILLA says the approval process has become relatively “quick and painless.”

“There weren’t any guidelines at the time around blockchain and crypto projects and the approval process is pretty much a black box.

“We just had to give it time, and eventually we got approved.

“There was no magic bullet. We are honest and transparent with them, and they approved us in a reasonable amount of time.”

“Killer” features

ZILLA says there are two features that set its events platform apart from other ticketing services such as Eventbrite, and Peatix.

Firstly, when users check-in to events, they can receive an airdrop of exchange-listed tokens, and secondly they can receive “Point Coins” when buying tickets.

“Point Coins are loyalty points on the blockchain,” the company said.

“Point Coins will do to events what ICOs did to crowd funding.”

How ‘Point Coins’ work

ZILLA says Point Coins are unlisted and are not intended as an investment, rather a gamification method to incentivise users to engage, trade, and learn about cryptocurrency.

“Point Coins are loyalty point tokens for paid events,” Mr Phillips said.

“When you get tickets on our platform, you are automatically sent Point Coins for that event to your wallet.

“The intention is not to be listed on exchanges, rather to incentivise attendees to continue to attend that series of events by giving Point Coin holders access to after parties, give-aways, discounts, and other cool things.”

Mr Phillips hopes people will be able to educate themselves about crypto by using Point Coins in a safe environment.

“I painfully lost access to the first Bitcoin that I was given in 2012,” he said.

“Crypto is difficult, and I believe that most people need to actually use crypto in order to fully understand and be comfortable with it.

“Point Coins  are a very low risk way to incentivise and acclimate your community or users to crypto without the risk of losing something of high value.”

Apple crypto

Micky partnership

Micky will be one of the first media partners of the ZILLA app, with our news site to be listed very soon.

“In blockchain, there are companies putting in hard work day in and day out, in the good times and the bad. I go out of my way to support those companies. Micky is one of those companies,” Mr Phillips said.

“Also, blockchain media such as Micky are on the forefront of what’s happening in our industry, and have a strong responsibility to educate the public.

Micky is one of the most polished and well thought out media companies in blockchain and we are very happy to partner with them!” M

ZILLA app is now available on both App Store and Google Play, with the events feature to be launched on February 6, 2019. For more information click here.
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