Apple AR contact lenses may come, but not soon

Apple AR contact lenses may come, but not soon

Apple is allegedly tinkering with the idea of developing AR contact lenses, but it may take some time to hit the markets.

Apple is reportedly working on a bunch of new products after some time of being mediocre in the market. The Cupertino-based company has always established its dominance since it launched the first-ever iPhone.

Since then, the industry has evolved vastly. Instead of just focusing on smartphones, peripheral products are also taking center stage. The same goes for Apple. It is allegedly working on futuristic wearables to complement its iPhone.

Apple AR contact lenses in the works

According to the ever-reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is interested in working on AR contact lenses. This comes as no surprise because he also said in a report earlier that Apple could release a new VR device sometime next year.

His investors’ report doesn’t flesh out the details of the alleged AR contact lenses. Nonetheless, it is still a refreshing bit of news that Apple is trudging forward in innovation. After all, it is in an extremely crucial pivot in its company history with the Apple Silicon shift.

According to Kuo, the AR contact lenses will not have their own computing power. They will most likely still rely on connectivity with the iPhone. In other words, dreams about being a regular Iron Man can be put on hold. Apple reportedly wants to move forward with invisible computing in the next few years.

Kuo’s report about the new wearable is far from being straight to the point. It even gives the idea that the AR contact lenses could just be an explorative product. He even says that there is no visible product launch date yet.

Challenges with the new wearable

The future Apple AR contact lenses will face tons of challenges when it comes to consumer reception.

Firstly, it will be the company’s first invasive device that will actually come into contact with a user’s body. Yes, it can be argued that the Apple Watch touches the skin. However, a device coming into contact with skin is different from one installed on the eyes.

Secondly, not all users will be comfortable wearing contact lenses. In fact, putting on these new wearables may only be okay for those already wearing regular contact lenses.

Lastly, the new wearable may face some backlash for its price even before it hits the market. Current AR glasses in the market already cost north of US$ 1,000. Introducing ultra-powerful computing on a tiny device like a contact lens will most likely push the price point even higher.


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