Apple AR glasses might come into reality as early as 2022

Apple is reportedly working on its own augmented reality capable glasses. The Cupertino-based company might release it in 2022.

For the past ten years, the duel among smartphone companies has been focused on bigger memory, bigger screens, and faster phones. It is already reaching its saturation point, and companies are taking the battle to another front with augmented reality.

The idea for this device is sci-fi based, but progressive technology has already made this a possibility. In fact, Microsoft already tried to hit the shelves with the HoloLens, but they found little success in the consumer market. As a result, Microsoft repositioned the HoloLens 2 more for enterprises and people in the professional field.

Apple reportedly wants to try and get a crack of the market in 2022.

Apple AR glasses

Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous Apple analyst, and insider shared that Apple already has all the puzzle pieces for the 2022 release of the Apple AR glasses. This report is in line with another report that claimed that the Apple AR glasses will soon be released in 2022.

He was able to confirm this report because of another insider from a supply chain company that Apple is working with. If all the reports align, the AR Glasses will be a powerful device that can help in the daily tasks of people.

Last year, Apple filed for a patent on a gaze tracking system where the glasses follow the movement of the eyes to detect which thing the user is looking at. The AR glasses will also reportedly have high-resolution cameras and eyepieces for clearer visions.

Again, the patent filing doesn’t guarantee that the features will appear on the devices. They are just indications of the direction where the device is headed to.

AR contact lenses

One Silicon Valley company is jumping the gun and completely skipping the bulky hardware that most AR glasses will look like. Mojo Vision is attempting to make the world’s first-ever AR contact lens. The company is still in the process of building its investment pool, and the AR lenses still have leaps and bounds to hurdle.

Nevertheless, the company envisions a time when there will be invisible computing. The founder wants to invest in a future where people do not have to pull out and look down on their phones just to get essential information on basic matters.

The contact lenses will essentially work like AR glasses except that it will be attached directly to the eyeballs like normal contact lenses. Mojo Vision plans that add accessories such as a necklace or headset for the voice control on the tech.

Image courtesy of mangpor2004/Shutterstock

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