Apple Arcade expands its library with ‘Tetris’, ‘Monster Hunter Stories’, and more

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade’s catalog of games is seeing a soon addition of four new exciting titles.

First in the list is an Arcade original title by game developer N3twork, Tetris Beat. A yet another spinoff to the popular puzzler title, the game is a mix between Tetris and a rhythm game. What makes the rhythmic-puzzler unique from its siblings is in its emphasis in keeping pace and generating combos. The longer the player maintains with the beat, the larger the combos made, and, thus, better score. Existing fans of Tetris will especially like Beat for its modern presentation as seen in its flashy special effects and cool soundtracks.

A Capcom RPG based on the Monster Hunter franchise is also adding into the list. Monster Hunter Stories, as it is known, puts the players in the shoes of a “rider”. Which, taken for its name, is a job that involves riding monsters after taking them as stalwart allies. That is, after stealing them from dens and subsequently hatching them. But as far as traditional RPG goes, the game is narrative-driven, which sees the players unveiling the mystery of the “Black Blight”. Furthermore, the game retains the same crafting mechanics seen in the mainline titles, which has players hunting monsters for parts.

Other Titles

Making for another interesting entry into the platform is a casual platformer, Jetpack Joyride. A game of endless run, each play lasts for as long as the player is willing to put up to its challenges. Mobile gamers will generally recall the game for its longstanding presence as a 2011 title.

Catered for the feline lovers, another addition to the Apple Arcade is the “cat-collecting” title, Neko Atsume. Although the premise is simple, attracting cats to the player’s space is actually more effort-intensive and time-consuming than it seems. But luckily for players, the game has a variety of ways by which they can do so. It typically involves putting stuff that cats are known to like in places and simply waiting for the magic to happen.

Value Proposition

Much of the upcoming titles are anything but fresh in the market. But knowing Apple Arcade, its value proposition comes not in its unique titles individually, but rather collectively, into justifying a $5 monthly subscription. That’s literally all the games in its library that anyone with an active subscription can have access to without any set limit.

Image used courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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