Apple blocks Facebook’s gaming app on App Store

New reports claim that Apple refuses to allow Facebook’s newest gaming app to be uploaded into the iOS App Store.

The app, Facebook Gaming, allows users to access and play casual games. However, these games are not hosted on the App Store and are outside of Apple’s scope.

The new app is seen as an alternative platform for gamers to access games outside of the App Store. Reports claim that Apple has rejected the application five times.

The new Facebook Gaming app

The new app does not function as a new platform for selling smartphone games. What it does is to provide gamers an easy platform to stream and watch games directly into Facebook. The app is more likely a rival to Twitch, rather than Apple’s own app store.

As of this writing, the gaming app is available on Google’s Android app store. Almost all games on the platform as casual games. Among the most popular titles are Uno and Words with Friends.

Apple has been strict about rules on its digital store platform from the very start. It is the only portal where iPhone and iPad owners can purchase and download apps. In essence, the company holds a virtual monopoly of all the apps that are distributed on its platform.

With the new Facebook Gaming app, the social networking giant is giving users an alternative. Users can now play games without necessarily agreeing to Apple’s terms. The tech giant might have seen this as a potential risk to its revenue stream.

It is also important to note that Facebook Gaming is targeting one of Apple’s best revenue stream: casual games. This particular genre of games is some of Apple’s biggest contributor to revenue.

A virtual monopoly

This is not the first Apple’s monopoly on its apps have been scrutinized. The company takes between 15 to 30% of all app revenues on its platform. Many developers have already voiced their concerns about this but to no avail.

Moreover, Apple also requires all apps on its platform to use its own in-app payment system. Failure to do so will result in being removed, or worse being banned, from the platform. However, larger companies like Netflix and Spotify have found ways to circumnavigate these rules.

The Facebook Gaming app might be designed more as a streaming service for gamers. However, if Apple finds it threatening to its business, it has all the rights to block it on its platform.

Image courtesy of Kon Karampelas/Unsplash

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