Apple building its own alternative to Google Search

Apple is secretly working on its own alternative to Google Search. New reports have revealed the plans of the company.

According to Macrumors, Apple is currently building its own search engine. In other words, it is maybe redeveloping its famous Spotlight search on a wider level.

Big and foremost reason to believe this latest progress is because US antitrust authorities target Apple’s deal with Google. The latter pays the California-tech giant billions of dollars to remain the default search engine on iOS devices under the deal.

Thus, the iPhone maker seems to have decided that it will work on its own search engine. If that happens, it will only bring large profits to its “perfect ecosystem.”

Apple’s search engine will directly challenge Google

The implication of a Spotlight search portal from the tech giant means huge positive results. And they will be for the iOS universe for sure.

Currently, Google is ruling in terms of giving out a large number of results upon finding anything. On iPhones and iPads, too, it’s available, and consumers use it despite using Safari.

So in a way, a huge profit share does go to Google, and Apple can’t do anything in this as of now. Because there’s a deal already in which it takes a lot of money from the Android maker to let it stay as the default web search option.

But what if things get changed in the next year or so?

Spotlight search on all iOS devices helps the users in many ways. It not only shows the device’s apps and findings but also directly leads them to online queries.

It becomes an even more universal search alternative to the iPhone and iPad consumers, and they enjoy it a lot. However, they don’t have an option to use that online. Google is the only way.

And that’s where Apple can do wonders in case it brings its own search engine, be it Spotlight or any other name it chooses.

It will also lead to amazing competition between the current search result provider and Apple’s solution in this category.

Upcoming changes to be introduced across all iOS devices

Meanwhile, there are many things on which CEO Tim Cook’s working right now. This year saw a lot of events, and one is still a few days away. All of them shared a common factor. And it was the company’s future intentions.

Speaking of iPhones, the new series finally ditched the power adaptor on the grounds of environmental issues. That’s good, but it also points to a future where the next iPhone won’t have any ports at all.

The next Macbook line-up won’t support Intel processors. Instead, they will flaunt the company’s own Apple Silicon chips. It was expected for a long time, but they did it eventually this year. And that’s obvious because the iPads and Watch line-ups also use their own respective chips.

Image courtesy of Pres Panayotov/Shutterstock

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