Apple Car made by Kia Still Possible by 2024

Apple Car made by Kia Still Possible by 2024

The past six years of speculation around the so-called “Apple Car have been a roller coaster”. Recently, Hyundai slipped and revealed that it was in discussions with Apple over electric car plans.

The past few months have seen a rather amusing circus of reports, leaks, rumors, and speculation about the so-called “Apple Car.” Today, another news article stated that the Cupertino company would soon choose a partnership to make the long-rumored electric vehicle.

A slip of the tongue may have cost Hyundai that prized position. However, we are still uncertain about it until an official statement is issued. As always, not everything is what it seems from the outside world of business.

Apple Car in the Making

Earlier this month, there is a widespread rumor about Hyundai and Kia in regulatory filings. According to the news, the car companies are not in discussions with Apple. And there is no chance for them to cooperate on developing a self-driving electric vehicle.

The story came just weeks after Hyundai released a statement indicating that Apple was in talks with several automakers, including Hyundai, regarding the development of autonomous electric vehicles.

Apple Car made by Kia Still Possible by 2024

Today’s report is different. It ultimately suggests that a partnership may still be possible for Kia. It also claims that negotiations with Apple “are not completely canceled,” although the talks are said to be “experiencing difficulties.”

According to MacRumors, the scope of the negotiations is “wide” with a lot of room to grow. Apple and Kia, the two companies involved, could end up partnering on “last mile” transportation with Kia’s electric scooters, for example, rather than a full-out vehicle.

Will it be Available Anytime Soon?

After weeks of speculation, Hyundai and Kia, its subsidiary brand, have again sought to downplay rumors and reports that they are working with Apple on an autonomous electric car project. The companies say they are no longer in talks, though that doesn’t mean the discussions won’t reopen until later.

Apple and Hyundai Motor Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last year. The contract covers collaboration in eight sectors, including the making of electric vehicles. Analysts say Hyundai’s statements about its communication with Apple don’t negate this possibility.

Apple is one of the most valuable companies, globally. It could become massively more useful if it can make a splash in cars. Especially knowing the fact that the global auto and mobility market is worth about $10 trillion compared with the $715 billion smartphone market.

In any case, the “‌Apple Car‌” is believed to be years away from release. The estimated year ranges from 2024 all the way to 2028.

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