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Apple CarPlay, Apple Maps get significant upgrades in WWDC 2020


Apple CarPlay and Apple Maps received big upgrades from the iOS announcements made during the WWDC 2020 yesterday.

The highlight of the WWDC 2020 opening day event yesterday was the announcement of the Apple Silicon. However, the announcements the preceded it were equally interesting, especially the updates on the iOS and the iPadOS.

The iOS update focused a lot on the aesthetic of the home screen. The iOS 14 update will provide a new home screen, several widgets, and an app library. All of these were designed with the utmost style. The iPadOS, on the other hand, focused greatly on Apple Pencil support.

Apple CarPlay and Apple Maps get powerful upgrades

The Apple CarPlay was one of the many niche apps that were given a facelift. The Apple CarPlay will get flashier backgrounds for the home screen. Also, the icons have been fine-tuned to give a more pleasing design.

Additional app support for CarPlay has been added. Now users may be able to use the CarPlay app in finding parking spaces, EV charging spots, and quick food ordering. All these combined have made the CarPlay the go-to car-display screens. CarPlay is available in 97% of cars in the United States, and 80% of cars around the world.

Additionally, Apple Maps have been given an extra boost for users to enjoy. Now, bikers may use the app in a more detailed fashion. Apple Maps will give them a turn by turn navigation on streets with bike lanes. Also, it will show whether a particular route is busy or quiet.

Lesser carbon footprint

Apple is aware that people are more conscious of their carbon footprint. As such, Apple Maps has an even smarter navigation tool for driving called the EV routing. It will remove all mileage anxiety because the app will be able to detect an electric car’s total charge. Also, it will be able to route the car to only compatible charging stations properly.

Apple Maps is also introducing a feature that will help drivers contribute less pollution to the environment. The map will show heavily polluted city centers and will give a rerouting option for the driver to consider.

Keyless entry

In addition to CarPlay and Apple Maps, the company is attempting to revolutionize the way people deal with their cars. Apple said that car keys are already outdated and are ready for change.

Next month, new BMW drivers will be able to enter and start their cars even without a physical key. They just have to save a virtual key on their iPhone, and they’ll be entering and start the engine of the car.

Not only that, BMW and iPhone users will be able to send a ‘car key’ to another user virtually. Sharing the car key means that the sender can give full or limited access to the receiver.

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