Apple co-founder believes Bitcoin will transform the world

Steve Wozniak Bitcoin
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

In the 1970’s and 80’s Steve Wozniak imagined personal computers would transform lives – trouble was barely anyone else did.

The co-founder of Apple would eventually become one of history’s great tech visionaries.

Now he believes blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have a similar transformative impact on the world, labelling Bitcoin ‘gold’.

“It takes me back to the early days of personal computers where nobody thought, businesses didn’t at first think, it was going to be worth anything,” he told attendees at the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles this week.

“I really like a lot of the aspects of it (blockchain and cryptocurrencies), basically it lets you for example, I mean you could look at just Bitcoin as the example, the gold, its just like oh my gosh no control anywhere and it really works.

“This is a rebellion, we’re starting a rebellion, people are going to have things they never had before, when you have distributed blockchain everywhere, it’s like nobody really does have control, I like that idea.”

Apple Bitcoin
Steve Wozniak talking to members of the Wellington (New Zealand) Apple Users Club in 1985. He’s widely seen as a pioneer of personal computers.

The 68-year-old revealed he believes simplicity is currently the only thing standing in the way of mass adoption.

“A lot of the future, even for blockchain applications is very difficult to predict as the technology evolves and gets better and gets very secure and very fast and things like that, so we’re still just at the starting phases.

“People were afraid to use their credit card when the internet first came out… Things like Bitcoin and cyber currencies are a little more difficult to use.

“Think about the simplicity levels, they have to go down, down, every time you think you’ve made something simpler than before, how simple can it possibly be?”

The tech entrepreneur did however warn, just like during the tech ‘bubble’, many blockchain and crypto developers will fail.

“When the internet was gearing up and a lot of companies had ideas on how to change life with internet applications and the like… The early companies were all getting funded, funded, funded, they would change everything in our life and they all went bust.

“Now everything in our life is now on the internet, everything you can do, the internet offers the best solutions.

“It might be the Blockchain is going to have trouble getting people to accept solutions but wait 10 or 15 years and it will become much more natural once its more accepted and there’s successes.”

Does Steve Wozniak own Bitcoin?

Despite comparing it to the early days of Apple, Bitcoin isn’t something Steve Wozniak is investing in. He prefers to experiment.

He owns one solitary Bitcoin and is planning a major Bitcoin ‘adventure’.

“My goal is to travel to another part of the world, like you know that I read articles about, and just take Bitcoin only,” he said at the conference.

“I just got Bitcoin only to experiment with it myself, I’m not an investor,”

“When Bitcoin shot up sky high, oh, oh, oh, everyone’s commenting on price, I don’t want to be in that world because that’s worries, you’re always watching things.

“I don’t do any stocks at all, I never once used Apple stock app, because then you’re watching the price every day.”

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