Apple confirms new display flaw plaguing iPhone devices

Tech giant Apple recently confirms a new flaw that is affecting a lot of iPhone devices today.

Reports about this new iPhone flaw circulated in several online communities like Reddit. There are also a number of discussions about it on tech forums and social media platforms as well. Despite the massive attention from users, Apple appears to dismiss the issue early on

The new iPhone flaw

Some users report that the issue is triggered after they download and install the new iOS update. On the other hand, there are some users claiming that the flaw stems from faulty hardware.

The issue has something to do with the iPhone’s display. It appears that for some unknown reason the smartphone’s display will show a slightly green tint.

Some user reports claim that it only occurs in low light environments. There are cases that the issue is only momentary and the smartphone just automatically fixes itself. However, some users are reporting the issue to be permanent.

Based on user reports and discussions on several online platforms, the issue mostly affects iPhone 11 Pro and its Pro Max variant. However, there are some reports claiming that the issue also affects the iPhone X model.

The problem appears to be random, but experts have noted that the glitch might be due to the defective OLED displays. All the three mentioned models use OLED displays and in turn, affect the hardware of the device. 

On the other hand, some of the earliest reports claim that the problem initially affects iOS 13.4. The issue is reoccurring in subsequent updates including iOS 13.5, and iOS 13.5.1 as well.

The fix

As of this writing, Apple has yet to release an official fix for the issue. The official cause of the problem is still unknown. Both users and tech experts are still debating whether the problem is caused by hardware or software malfunction.

Nevertheless, experts believe that Apple should be able to fix the issue with a software update. However, many are wondering whether the patch can fix those phones that are now permanently damaged.

Apple has already acknowledged the issue and has informed its resellers to replace the damaged displays. It is important to note here that Apple and its resellers will only make the replacement if the device is under warranty.

Experts are wary whether Apple will drag this issue down to its upcoming iOS 14 update. If this is true, all affected iPhones will have to wait for a couple of months before a fix will be available.

Image courtesy of Daniel Romero/Unsplash



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