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Apple could release service bundles on iOS 13.5.5


The iOS 13.5.5 release allegedly includes provision for the bundle in a single subscription.

Rumors surfaced the internet today about Apple’s plan to include bundles on the iOS 13.5.5 release. The bundle is said to include various Apple features in a single subscription.

Sources say that the bundle will include the Apple TV Plus and Apple Music in a single subscription. Reports are pointing out to the iOS 13.5.5 beta code as the basis for the spread of the Apple bundle news.

References prove iOS 13.5.5 could bring bundles

Researchers spotted some new references on the iOS 13.5.5 internal files that do not exist on the previous iOS versions. The said unique references found are the options for bundle offer and bundles subscription.

The references, however, did not have any specific products attached. Yet reports suggest that having such options included in the iOS 13.5.5 internal files means a bundle is rolling out soon.

The bundle offers and bundle subscription references suggest that the iOS 13.5.5 could feature Apple’s core for-pay services. The tech giant currently has four main subscription products.

Apple now runs Apple Music and Apple News Plus on subscription. It also has the Apple TV and Apple Arcade as part of its for-pay services.

Apple is offering bundle choices for its customers. Apple TV and Apple Arcade are bundled and cost customers $4.99 per month of subscription.

The Cupertino based tech giant also has Apple Music and Apple News Plus in a bundled subscription. Apple customers can enjoy the two fields at $9.99 per month.

Meanwhile, Apple Music, News+, and TV Plus would cost the subscribers $30 a month. It comes to a family sharing combination and would cost higher if bought separately.

Apple customers see the iOS 13.5.5 rumor to be an opportunity for them to avail of the tech giant’s digital services at a lower price. Apple, on the other, could take advantage of the bundle to keep its crowd of customers within the Apple ecosystem.

Reports on Apple’s plan for bundled service

Before the iOS 13.5.5 service bundle rumors, reports about Apple’s plan for subscription bundle surfaced the internet several times. Reports say that Apple could use the strategy to boost customer adoption of its slow-moving for-pay service.

In November, news spread that Apple plans to introduce a bundled subscription plan as Netflix and Amazon offer. The report pointed out 2020 as the company’s official launch for the discount combo.

On the other hand, a note rolled out in March, preventing Apple from launching bundles with record labels for the upcoming months. Discussions are still going on, and there is no proof yet if the bundling will push through with the iOS 13.5.5.

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