Apple creates face mask for employees

In the exclusive line-up of the products Apple creates, next is a face mask amid the coronavirus, which has been created by iPhone and iPad engineers.

The final appearance of the said customized mask, created especially for Apple retail employees, are yet to be released. But according to a report by Bloomberg, Apple’s Engineering and Design Department has made a mask with a “unique look” that is larger than the masks that we usually see.

For the time being, the masks would only be available for Apple’s employees and not the general public. It is unknown as of now whether Apple would circulate the masks to the public.

Apple previously made a clear shield for its workers so that the hearing-disabled could understand them clearly, without engaging the risks of coronavirus.

The mask itself: What is so special?

The mask would have sufficient coverings for the user’s nose and chins and also comes with adjustable strings.

It is made up of three layers that filter out incoming and outgoing particles. The mask would be able to withstand five washing sessions.

The renowned brand said in a statement that it is created through careful research and testing to see if the air filter works appropriately.

Furthermore, the masks will be dispersed to the employees over the next two weeks.

Apple’s battle against coronavirus

The clear shield, also known as the ClearMask, is the first FDA-cleared surgical mask that is completely transparent. The same level of quality is expected from the next health product that Apple plans to produce.

The ClearMask is created with the participation and help of Washington-based Gallaudet University, which specializes in educating deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

The ClearMask was previously tested with employees in three different Apple stores. Apple plans to ship 1 million of the transparent shield per week.

Before designing its masks, Apple provided employees with standard cloth masks. It also offers necessary surgical masks to customers visiting its retail stores.

According to a report by Business Insider, these are not the first steps taken by Apple against the coronavirus. In April, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company would donate 20 million face masks to healthcare workers working across the United States.

In times of worldwide economic recession, Apple is taking such steps to increase the goodwill of the company. With the demand for eco-friendly and consumer-focused firms increasing, such measures would surely help Apple make a right name for themselves amongst prospective customers.

Image courtesy of i viewfinder/Shutterstock

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