Apple dodges broken iPhone replacements with repairs

Apple dodges broken iPhone replacements with repairs

Apple repair stores can now fix broken iPhone back glass casing without replacing the entire unit in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

For the past many years, the boon of Apple iPhone users has always been having their phones repaired. Without Apple Care, replacing their units actually costs a ton. The repair costs also depend on which part of the unit is damaged. If the unit can no longer be saved, Apple Geniuses will most likely recommend a unit replacement.

Broken Apple iPhone no longer has to be replaced

Replacing a unit is harder than it sounds. Some stores would take weeks before getting a new unit as a replacement due to low supply. Previously, getting a new phone is almost always a guarantee when the back glass casing of the iPhone is involved.

In an effort to reduce the friction on this problem, Apple released a memo about a same-unit repair method on the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12. When the back casings of these two phones shatter, Apple repair stores do not have to replace the entire unit. Instead, they just have to replace the “Apple Rear System” with a new one.

The caveat here is that the front screen and the cameras must all be undamaged. Otherwise, a unit replacement or a costly repair might be underway. The memo says,

“If a customer has an iPhone 12 mini with cracked rear glass, for example, technicians will be able to replace the entire rear portion of the device, with the new enclosure affixed to the original display and rear camera. For this reason, the customer’s display and rear camera must be free of damage or functional failures in order for their device to qualify for this same-unit repair method, according to Apple.”

Some new phone buyers don’t agree with this update

Apple released this memo to support its effort on reducing its carbon footprint. Not replacing entire units mean that fewer materials are used in the end. This update comes after the company removed the Apple EarPods and the wall charger from the latest iPhones that shipped.

Some iPhone users think that Apple is just trying to cut costs where possible. Since they don’t have to replace the entire unit, Apple gets to keep its fat profit margin. This will come at the possible expense of the user since repairs don’t always guarantee 100% functionality.

The only silver lining here is that Apple has committed that repair centers will always have stocks of this “Apple Rear System” ready. In other words, the repair can be done in a single visit to Apple Stores.


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