Apple: Enhanced iCloud Keychain password protection coming to iOS 14

Apple: Enhanced iCloud Keychain password protection coming to iOS 14

Apple is reportedly working on improvements for the iOS 14 including an update of iCloud Keychain for enhanced password protection.

There’s a lot in store for Apple users in the upcoming release of iOS 14 and major improvements are expected after the tech giant’s buggy iOS 13 update. One of the major enhancements of iOS 14 is the improved version of the iCloud Keychain password manager.


The iCloud Keychain is a feature on iOS and macOS that is very similar to 1Password and LastPass in that it stores all of the users’ passwords and credit card information. This feature is Apple’s password management system for its flagship products. However, reports claim that it currently lacks important attributes compared to its competitors.

New features for iCloud Keychain

New features for iCloud Keychain

According to Apple, iCloud Keychain will have a new feature that warns users about reusing old or existing passwords.

Reusing or recycling passwords is one of the identified major vulnerabilities of user security. A hacker, for instance, can easily access all of the user’s accounts when a single password combination is used for all platforms.

Also included in the update is a new, more secure way of saving and managing two-factor authentication (2FA) passwords. Many platforms, such as Gmail and Yahoo, have already been using this type of authentication method.

Apple has been using this method for their Apple ID login. When a user signs in to a new device, it will ask for the login password and the six-digit verification code sent one of the user’s existing trusted devices.

With this update, the iCloud Keychain will allow users to log onto compatible websites without having to rely on e-mail, SMS, and other less secure means of receiving 2FA codes.

Other iOS 14 rumored updates

Aside from the iCloud Keychain improvements, MacRumors provided other details about the upcoming iOS 14 release.

In iOS 14, a new notification type will be added to the “Find My” feature. With this feature, an alert will be provided if someone does not arrive at a specific destination at a certain scheduled time.

So for example, a parent could set up a notification to alert them if their child does not arrive at school by a certain time.

Two new features for iMessage are also reportedly in the works for the iOS 14 update. First, a “new Slack-like system” is being tested out in group chats.

Second, Apple is also working on a feature that will enable a person to retract a message sent through iMessage. Of course, like that of Facebook’s Messenger, both parties can see an indication that a message has been retracted.

MacRumors also highlighted possible hints of a “CarKey” API to be included in the update. This will allow an iPhone to lock, unlock, or start a car with NFC capabilities.

The update is said to be compatible starting from iPhone SE, iPhone 6s up to iPhone 11 Pro. The Apple iOS 14 is expected to be released in September.

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