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Apple event, another one to be hosted in November?


One more Apple event is reportedly going to be hosted in November, and it will feature some products expected to be announced in October.

Apple will release the iPhone 12 within the week alongside new devices from the company. Earlier, rumors were sure that it would be a big event with plenty of new products from Apple. Unfortunately, just two days before the event, some are backtracking on their claims.

One thing for sure is that the iPhone 12 will be announced in the ‘Hi, Speed.’ event. However, the roster of products that will be released alongside it is still up for a toss coin.

November Apple event for the MacBook Pro 2020

Earlier this year, Apple announced the company’s full transition to Apple Silicon. It means that Apple’s products will all be fully run with its own company-designed processors. Of course, this includes the Mac lineup. Some months after WWDC 2020, Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo shared that the first Mac product with the Apple Silicon will be released this year.

At first, everyone expected it to be announced in the October event. Apple has already delayed its second event by a full month. As such, no one expected them to hold another event later this year. However, Bloomberg reports that, apparently, Apple still has one more event slated before the year ends.

The November Apple event will reportedly focus on the Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Pro 2020. The late-year event is an unprecedented move from the company, but it seems logical for it to highlight the new product in a separate event. Releasing it with the iPhone 12 means that the two will fight for attention.

If the iPhone 12 is released first, it will have time to gain clout on the internet. After some weeks, the MacBook Pro will pick up the slack and bring back the conversation about Apple again. With this, the company will be able to sustain the conversation about their products for two straight months.

What to expect with the new MacBook Pro

The newest laptop from the company will not have any significant exterior change. It will be within the laptop where the magic will happen. Instead of running an Intel chip, the new laptop will feature Apple’s latest A14X chip.

In other words, the new chipset will be a better and faster version of the A14 chip running the iPad Air 4 and the iPhone 12.

It remains to be seen how the new Apple Silicon processors will perform on a laptop. Also, the backward compatibility of the apps will be put to the test straight from the box. Every MacBook fan is hoping that Apple holds true to its promise of a smooth transition using Rosetta 2.

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