Apple expected to bring 4nm architecture to its A16 chip!

New reports have revealed that Apple is planning to bring a 4nm architecture based A16 chipset. And it will probably arrive by the year 2022.

According to Apple Insider, market analysts predict that Apple will bring its new chipset based on the 4nm process. And this will be the A16 processor, powering the future iPhone 14.

On Wednesday, news reports hinted that the California tech giant was putting efforts to move to a 4nm process in chipsets. And they suggested that it will achieve this feat in the next two years, hopefully.

Apple and its great chipset ambitions!

The latest report also suggests that the company’s chipset manufacturing partner TSMC will accommodate a new chip’s orders. And this chip, A16, is based on a 4nm architecture.

Speaking of Apple’s passion for maximum horsepower, then its shown huge ambitions in the last few years. It’s clearly visible in its top-of-the-line and superfast processors in both iOS and Mac devices.

Where the A-series chips are always breaking new records in smartphone speed tests, the new M1 chip in Macbooks is a killer as well. There’s something about the native and in-house processors that other rivals lack, no matter how hard they try. Even the Snapdragon chipsets get outplayed when compared to the new A-series launch every year. It happens almost every time in various tests.

Apple’s optimization in its processors for its own devices is well-known. And it plays a huge role in iPhones lasting longer and still running like new. Rival companies can’t achieve this performance level. Although they are trying, the California tech giant dominates them with every new A-series version.

The current A14 Bionic variant in the iPhone 12 line-up is another record-setting chipset. And it once again proved how much power the company installs in its in-house processors. Real-time usage and heavy performance feel smooth even after years from the time of their launch.

Upcoming products and the next iPhone

Apart from its constant efforts to improve the device’s performance with a beast-like horsepower, Apple also has many surprises for next year. It keeps working on coming up with new services and products to offer something extra in technology.

This year, many tech enthusiasts hoped for an official announcement of AirTags and AirPods Studio, but it didn’t happen. The latter is creating a lot of buzzes since its first leaked news made headlines earlier in 2020. The over-ear-headphones are said to be Apple’s new leap in how people listen to music. And then there’s also the next iPhone 13 version that’s rumored to sport a 120Hz display with the comeback of Touch ID as well!

It will be interesting to see what the company has in store to offer in the coming events of 2021.


Image courtesy of Lester Balajadia/Shutterstock

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