Apple goes all in with 240Hz refresh rate on foldable iPhones?

Apple goes all in with 240Hz refresh rate on foldable iPhones?

Apple recently received a patent that would allow iPhones to toggle back and forth from 60Hz up to 240Hz refresh rate automatically.

It can be said that Apple is always late to arrive in the game of new technology. What was once a catalyst for change is now a late follower. Nonetheless, Apple still makes sure that they come fashionably late and still dominate the market.

This is true for the majority of their recent upgrades these past years. The list includes customizable home pages, widgets, multi-camera systems, among others. Now it is reportedly joining the parade on delivering crystal clear screens with high refresh rates.

iPhones could get up to 240Hz refresh rate on their screens

Last year’s iPhone 12 series only has 60Hz refresh rates on their screens. Many tech reviewers believe that the jump from 60 to 90 to 120Hz is not readily noticeable. However, once a user gets acquainted with it, the difference is night and day. Among Apple users, only iPad Pro users since 2017 get to enjoy a clean and crisp 120Hz screen refresh rate.

Now it seems like Apple wants to challenge itself and bring the same feature to the iPhones. This time, its pitstop isn’t 120Hz. Instead, it’s going all the way up to 240Hz. According to a patent picked up by MacRumors, Apple wants the next iPhones to smartly toggle from 60Hz up to 240Hz automatically.

This feature isn’t actually novel. However, going all the way up to 240Hz is still unheard of, at least for regular smartphones. In other words, if this feature actually lands on iPhones soon, then Apple will finally introduce something new to the industry.

Just like many other patents, there is no guarantee that this feature will actually arrive. Nonetheless, it is good to hear that Apple is still actually innovating to bring better user experiences to its customers.

Can the high refresh rate screens land on foldable iPhones?

Apple is reportedly working with LG in developing foldable Apple phones. Clearly, this new series is still under wraps behind the scenes. However, it seems to be gaining momentum as Samsung continues to push the envelope on this high-margin segment.

It is still unclear if Apple will acquire the services of LG in mass-producing the screens for these phones. Unfortunately, the public won’t know until sometime in 2022 in time for an alleged 2023 release.

The OLED screens on the iPhones are currently manufactured both by Samsung and LG. Therefore, both Korean companies could still end up producing these screens for the foldable Apple phones.

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