Apple ‘Hi, Speed.’ event invite teases many products

Apple 'Hi, Speed.' event invite teases many products

The Apple October 13 event invite, entitled Hi, Speed, has just been released, and it is full of details that reveal which products will be announced.

Apple has finally sent out the invites for its third virtual event this year because of COVID-19. The first one was the WWDC 2020, which unveiled the company’s transition to Apple Silicon. The second one was the Time Flies event that launched the Apple iPad Air 4 and the Apple Watch 6.

This third event is called ‘Hi, Speed.’ It alludes to several rumors that have been circulating the internet. David Phelan of Forbes tried to deduce the meanings of each part of the invite.

Apple’s ‘Hi, Speed.’ event confirms 5G-capable iPhone 12

The words Hi and Speed when read quickly sound like high speed. It could mean that the A14 chipsets on the iPhone 12 will be super fast, similar to the iPad Air. High speed can also mean that the iPhone 12 will have ultra-fast mobile data connections using 5G.

Putting two and two together, the overall theme of the event will be the speed of Apple’s newest devices. One heavy YouTube tablet user even projected what the A14X or A14Z chipset could do in the future. He found out that the next version of the iPad Pro’s processor can even be faster than the MacBook Pro’s Intel i9 chipset.

In other words, the A14 chip is actually lightning quick. As for the 5G component of the iPhone 12, it remains to be seen how Apple will break the news. Allegedly, not all iPhone 12 will get the mmWave 5G bands. Only the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the internal real estate to accommodate such bands. Even so, not all markets with the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have the fastest 5G bands.

More into the details of the poster

Phelan went deep into analyzing what the poster has to offer. At first, it looks like just any random poster for an event. Then again, it’s Apple, and everything they do has a purpose.

Taking the front and center of the material is the Apple Logo. Around it is four circles, which could be alluding to the four new models of the iPhone 12. The color tone of the poster is a combination of navy blue and sunset orange tones.

Based on previous posters, the main colors used by Apple for their event invites normally mean that the same color will be available for one of the devices. Earlier rumors have indicated that the iPhone 12 will have a navy blue color option. However, the sunset orange color is a new one.

Image from Apple/ YouTube thumbnail

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