Apple HomePod Mini is a powerhouse smart home speaker

Apple HomePod Mini is a powerhouse smart home speaker

The Apple HomePod Mini announced today is an incredible smart home speaker that integrates the entire house in a small form factor.

Apple has gone away from the overkill and oversized HomePod of 2018.

Instead, Apple is moving forward with a small and more affordable HomePod Mini speaker. It is still wrapped in seamless mesh fabric that looks elegant and clean. It has a touch-activated surface that lights up when Siri is activated. Its external design was made specifically to assist the powerful acoustics on the device.

Apple HomePod Mini has Computational Audio

The new smart home speaker has a full-range dynamic driver that keeps a high output while keeping distortions to a minimum. It is also equipped with drivers that deliver amazing bass sounds. All these are focused around the newest acoustic waveguide that delivers a full 360-degree sound experience.

The HomePod Mini comes with the S5 chip, which allows for what Apple calls as Computational Audio. Before the speakers blast the music through its drivers, the S5 chip analyzes the sounds to automatically adjust the level of the delivery. When two HomePod Minis are run in the same room, they will become an instant stereo pair.

Just like the earlier rumors, the HomePod Mini will be able to detect nearby devices with the U1 chip. With this, the speakers can instantly play or transition music delivery from the devices to its speakers.

Siri has been upgraded dramatically

The HomePod Mini was designed specifically for a connected home. Siri can now interact with multiple voices in the house. It is also smart enough to keep a note of every voice’s customizations, such as schedules and notifications.

When an Apple HomePod Mini is placed in a smart home, it is automatically integrated with the Home app. With this, users can immediately customize all the smart home devices from the lights to the blinds all in one command through the speakers.

There is also no need to purchase a separate intercom for the house. Apple has taken the game to another level. Through the HomePod Mini, users can now send each other voice messages. It is extremely integrated that users of Apple devices such as the AirPod, Apple Watch, and iPhones can send intercom voice messages to each other. This way, the need to shout or engage in a voice call is removed.

All these features come in just US$99 and come in either a white color or space gray version. These will be available on Nov. 6 and will start shipping on Nov. 16.

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