Apple HomePod Mini not HomePod 2 to release next week

Apple HomePod Mini not HomePod 2 to release next week

According to a leaker, Apple will not release the HomePod 2 next week. Instead, it will announce the newest HomePod Mini.

Next week, Apple will officially unveil what’s in store in the ‘Hi, Speed’ event. The wordplay is an exciting thing to think about. Will all the devices be equipped with the latest and fastest chipsets from Apple Silicon? Will the iPhones have the fastest 5G bands?

These are the burning questions that can’t wait to be answered next week. One thing for sure is that the iPhone 12 will be released then. Alongside it will be a couple of new products from Apple.

For those waiting for the HomePod 2, they might have to wait a little longer, probably, for another year again.

Apple HomePod Mini to debut next week

L0vetodream, who has had an excellent record in Apple leaks, shares that there will be no HomePod 2 announced next week. Instead, the newest Apple smart home speaker, the HomePod Mini, will debut.

What exactly will the Mini version offer that the bigger version does not? First, the price of the HomePod Mini will be more affordable than the original HomePod. Its price point will hover somewhere a bit higher than the Google Nest Mini and Amazon’s Echo. These two devices are priced at US$90 apiece.

Second, the HomePod Mini will only have two tweeters compared to the seven tweeters that the original version had. In other words, the sound quality on these devices will not be as crisp and as bold as the HomePod. Nevertheless, fans of the HomePod can expect Apple to provide the best sounds that it can with the hardware.

Apple reportedly didn’t do well with the original HomePod sales. As such, it is taking them quite a long time to reposition their home speaker. In order to remedy this situation, Apple will try again to crack the market with the mini version.

Competition in the smart home speakers is tight

Apple has been providing relevant updates on the HomePod these past few months. First and foremost, Apple will reportedly remove the music streaming exclusivity on the speakers. As such, users can call on Siri to play music directly with Spotify.

Also, Apple has made the HomePod a collaborative tool. It introduced multi-user voice recognition for a more personal touch on the device. The HomePod also has ambient sound options. Here, users can set the HomePod as the perfect mood-setter. It can play sounds that mimic the rain, river, fireplace, and more.

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