Apple iMac Pro officially discontinued, replacement coming soon

Apple iMac Pro officially discontinued, replacement coming soon

Apple confirmed that the iMac Pro would only be available until supplies last based on the latest product update on its website.

Apple late last Friday announced that the iMac Pro would be discontinued. As a result, it will only be available until supplies last in stores around the world.

The iMac lineup has always been designed to cater to power users such as designers and multimedia editors. However, the lineup hasn’t had the strongest following for the past couple of years.

This is partly due to the fact that Apple releases incremental upgrades just to appease its userbase.

iMac Pro discontinued for a better future replacement

The iMac Pro has always been seen as a stop-gap measure from the failed Apple ‘trash can’. The latter device was supposed to be the company’s most powerful device that can cater to power users.

Unfortunately, it fell flat on its face upon launching and never got the redemption story it deserved. After that infamous flop, Apple filled in the void for power users with the iMac Pro. During its launch back in 2017, it was one of Apple’s most stacked devices. However, it also came with one of the highest price points at US$ 4,999.

Considering the stopgap point of view is not a stretch. It took Apple six years just to develop the Mac Pro, which was the replacement for its oddly-shaped CPU.

Now that the Mac Pro is available, it becomes the natural option for buyers within the power-user segment. The Mac Pro provides flexibility which the iMac Pro doesn’t in terms of connectivity and display options.

iMac to get Apple Silicon upgrade soon

Now that the iMac will no longer be in the picture, which product will take its place? It is still early to tell. However, if early rumors are true, Apple may be working on replacing the iMac Pro with an Apple Silicon iMac.

The same rumors suggest that the new iMacs will sport a body similar to the Pro Display XDR. Its screen, meanwhile, will follow the design language identical to the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 4. The new all-in-one desktop may also offer color options for its body similar to those within the latest iPad color schemes.

There is still no indication if Apple will ever revive the iMac Pro down the line. However, it is also not a far-fetched idea that the Cupertino-based company is exploring its possibility. After all, there is still a market for users who need a space-saving device but still delivers top performance.

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