Apple iOS 14.5 updates might raise conflicts with Facebook

Apple will start operating out iOS 14.5 update next week, including a privacy feature that might gain them conflicts with Facebook.

The new update is to bring various features, including unlocking an iPhone utilizing a paired Apple Watch. Although, its big showcase will be App Tracking Transparency. Consequently, it has a privacy characteristic that social media giant Facebook has been openly critical.

All about the new iOS 14.5 update

The iOS 14.5 modifications will be available for iPhones starting next week. Consequently, Apple has approved.

Compatible iPhones will be getting the update next week; the company has confirmed a press note declaring the AirTag tracker.

Additionally, the fresh update brings many features, like unlocking an iPhone using a paired Apple Watch. Still, its big showcase will be App Tracking Transparency, a privacy characteristic that social media titan Facebook has been openly critical.

The App tracking Transparency by Apple

One of the most critical changes to Apple iOS 14.5 is introducing the most awaited App Tracking Transparency.

Subsequently, this indicates any app will not track any user data without owning users’ consent.

Even in the company’s blog column, the company has stated that all apps required to track data or access an iPhone’s advertising identifier will need permission from users.

Thus, the company has spurred developers to comply with the new data privacy security feature.

Is the feature an actual concern

App Tracking Transparency puts users’ privacy front and center, according to Apple. Still, Facebook has claimed it might be detrimental to its business model, while at the same time, it would also be detrimental to businesses.

Aside from closer privacy guards, iOS 14.5 will produce a slew of other features.

Subsequently, these features include methods to unlock iPhones with FaceID while using a mask when linked with an Apple Watch.

Currently, users necessitate removing the face mask for the phone to identify the face.

However, with this modification, users will not have to lift their covers. Aside from this, some other highlights include AirPlay support for Fitness+.

What else does Apple have in store?

Apple also developed Siri voice options, 200 more numerous new emojis, modernized game controller support.

Additionally, a 5G global support for dual-SIM iPhones is present now.

The software update will improve with battery health recalibration (iPhone 11 models) and recently declared AirTag trackers support. It is to perceive that the modification to iOS 14.5 is late.

However, the update will roll out in due time with some significant modifications.

Consequently, the update is currently open as a public beta, and those who desire to download it can do so for the beta version as well.


Image courtesy of Wall Street Journal/YouTube

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