Apple iOS 14 beta users are receiving false notifications

Apple iOS 14 beta users are receiving false notifications

Given that this is under beta, users who have iOS 14 have encountered unwanted and empty updates. But this is not the first time that this event has happened.

Users who have updated iOS 14 Beta and iPadOS 14 for both iPhone and iPad are experiencing unwanted updates – an empty update message that keeps bugging them. The said situation happened before.

Users of the said beta version will receive a notification that tells them to install the latest update on their devices. But users complain that there’s nothing to see in the said update.

History seems to repeat itself. Back in 2018, when the roll-out of iOS12, a bug was causing a hiatus in the operating system, earning irate from its users.

False notifications and complaints

According to 9to5mac, users of the iOS14 Beta and iPadOS 14 have been lodging their disappointment on Twitter. The culprit behind the said empty update is yet to be known.

The erroneous message is still prompting in several users’ devices. The notification on their gadgets goes like this: “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 14 beta.”

What’s with the iOS 14?

Apple iOS 14 beta users are receiving false notifications

According to Apple’s website, iOS 14 brings a fresher look at the things most users are using on their devices. But what are the key features and enhancements?

Users who have iOS 14.1 are now experiencing the benefits of widgets. But with the succeeding upgrades and updates, we can expect more of them aside from the existing – in size, aesthetics, and more.

Aside from the widgets, which is the fist on Apple’s iPhone and iPad, there are updates and enhancements in terms of the User Interface, which has also had its makeover. Calls that are incoming are shortened on the screen, facetime banner calls, and other enhancements on pictures.

In terms of search, top hit results, search suggestions, quick launcher, and in-app search in males and messages are also part of the key enhancements. In terms of messages, you can pin it up to nine conversations.

Memojis enhancement is also part of iOS14. New hairstyles, stickers, headwear styles, age option expansion, and an option of hairstyle with fade.

The map has an interesting update that is included in iOS 14. The update will be more on the cyclist’s part – leading them to bike paths and bike-friendly roads.

There is also a guide update on places to eat, shop, or meet friends. There are also more maps which will be available in other countries.

One of the first in iOS 14 is Translate. Here you can translate your text and voice into a language the user wanted to know.

Aside from these updates, there are also enhancements made in terms of privacy, among others.

Maybe the erroneous message is from the full-packed enhancements? What are your thoughts on this?

Images used courtesy of zollotech/YouTube Screenshot

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