Apple iOS 15 to have a modified upgrades and new plans

Apple is ready to revamp its software with a plethora of new features and upgrades for its users.

Apple Inc. is preparing a major revamp of its mobile software that might introduce an upgrade to how users handle notifications and much more.

The big updates by Apple in WWDC 2021

Apple Inc. is planning a significant redo of its mobile software that will upgrade how consumers handle notifications.

Additionally, the plans include a renewed iPad Home Screen, a modernized Lock Screen.
These features will also include additional privacy protections for its flagship products to people who understand the matter.

The in-process modifications are to be present in iOS 15 as well as iPadOS 15. Consequently, these mark the forthcoming major software modifications for the iPhone and iPad.

The big software updates by the company so far

The Cupertino, California-based technology titan, will launch the software updates soon.

The update is with the codenamed Sky at its forthcoming Worldwide Developers Conference commencing June 7. This information comes from internal sources and people who have been following the company closely.

Apple rolls out significant software modifications for all of its critical devices annually as a way to keep users adhered to its ecosystem.
Subsequently, this practice aids in the selling of more products and supports developers in designing new apps.

When to expect the launch of the updates

Apple usually delivers the upgrades around the month of September, near the showcase of new iPhones.

Although, as WWDC is several weeks away, the tech giant could still prefer to alter modifications or delay them to a more advanced update.
However, an Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the matter.

What more can users expect

The tech giant plans a new modification that will enable users to set different notification preferences.
According to their current status, these upgrades include preference settings such as if the phone executes a sound or not.

Subsequently, the improvement will come in the design of a new menu.
Thereby, the menu will let consumers decide if they are driving, working, sleeping, or customizing their options accordingly.

Other modern features to look out for

The menu will be on the modified Lock Screen and in Control Center.
Additionally, one can also find it on the iPhone and iPad’s menu for swiftly accessing settings.

Subsequently, there will also be a choice to set automatic responses to messages according to their status. That will be an enhancement over the auto-reply feature, which is only possible while driving.

Consequently, Apple has added some different notification features like Do Not Disturb as well as Sleep Mode.


Image courtesy of Brandon Butch/YouTube Screenshot

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