Apple iPad 8th Gen looks like the older version but faster

Apple iPad 8th Gen looks like the old tablet, but faster

The Apple iPad 8th Gen remains largely the same externally but boasts the A12 chip, which is faster than most computers.

Apple hit a home run with their September 15 event. Their announcements weren’t really new for those that follow the rumor mill on Apple. Nevertheless, hearing these pieces of information straight from the source is still refreshing.

Besides the iPad Air, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch SE, Apple also launched the 8th generation of the beloved iPad. The pricing of the entry-level iPad is still the same, but Apple has improved its performance even further.

Apple iPad 8th Gen is a work of art internally

In Tim Cook’s opening remark, 2020 marks the 10th year since Steve Jobs announced the first-ever iPad. It was a revolutionary piece of a device then. Fast forward ten years after, it has become a staple in the work setting. It is also now ubiquitous in the school setting as a replacement for books.

The 8th Generation of the basic iPad didn’t receive an upgrade externally. Its look is still the same as the 7th version of the tablet. The cameras are also the basic single shooter at the back. Fans can expect Apple to bring in its new design language on the entry-level iPad sooner than later.

While the externals remain the same, Apple has slotted in an A12 chip as the main processor of the iPad. They claim, with so much shade, that the chip can beat the majority of computers out there in terms of speed.

In their presentation, the A12 chip is two times faster than the best-selling Windows laptop. It is also three times faster than the top-selling Android tablet. In addition, the A12 chip is six times faster than the top-selling Chromebook.

Apple has been on the hot seat for anti-competition strategies, so they can’t just make these claims up. In other words, there are truths to these strong statements.

Accessories are also fit for the entry-level tablet

Similar to the previous generation, the iPad 8th generation supports the Apple Pencil. This accessory complements the versatility that the iPad provides. It is useful for students and professionals who spend much of their time taking down notes or crafting artworks on the tablet.

The entry-level iPad also supports the regular Smart Keyboard from Apple. The company has also made the tablet compatible with the iPad case from Logitech that has a built-in keyboard and touchpad.

All these features come in at an affordable price of US$329.

Image from CNET Highlights/ YouTube thumbnail

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