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Apple iPad Air 4th Gen available for preorder on October 16


According to Jon Prosser, a well-known leaker, the preorders of the Apple iPad 4th Gen will start on Oct. 16. However, Apple is yet to announce an official date for preordering.

Apple products are officially out, and fans are just one step away from getting their hands on the new Apple devices. Aside from the latest iPhone 12, along with this launch is the new Apple iPad Air 4th Gen. The new iPad Air is the first to have a fingerprint sensor built on the side button.

But during the iPhone 12 launch event yesterday, Apple didn’t mention the launch date for the device. Fortunately, Jon Prosser, in his tweet, mentioned that he is 100% sure that preordering will take place on Oct. 16, and the launch date will be on Oct. 23.

Same day preorder for iPhone 12

According to 9to5mac, if the predictions of Prosser is true, then it will also coincide with the preorder date for both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The start of preorders will be in the early morning of Oct. 16, and this could be a pricey purchase that customers will need to buy on that day.

The iPad Air 4 price starts at $599, and you can have it either in 64GB or in 256GB and equip with connectivity of LTE or Wi-Fi depending on your preference. The starting price might be too pricey, but we can expect more improvement in terms of the specs.

While the iPad Air 3 price starts at $499 for 64GB and $649 for a version of $256GB. Same with the iPad Air 4, the price for the iPad Air 3 has increased for the LTE version.

The iPad Air 4th generation’s promising specs

Aside from the first iPad to have a fingerprint sensor on the side button, the 4th Gen is elegantly designed as much as the line of high-end iPad Pro. Though the device has generally adopted a flat edge and rectangular camera aesthetic, there are still promising specs we can expect.

One is the compatibility of the Smart Keyboard, which will be suited in this device. The other one is the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) that will also be supported for 4th Gen iPad Air.

The device uses an A14 Bionic chipset, the first-ever Apple tablet to use this 5 nm chipset. Apple also claims that the graphic performance is 30% faster, twice faster than the average HP laptop.

We can also expect clearer video calls as the iPad Air 4th Gen is now equipped with a 7MP f 2.2 front-facing camera and a rear camera with 12MP ft 1.8.

Since its launch to the public this September 2020, Apple is gradually taking the release of information about the new iPad Air. All avid Apple users will have to wait for the official press release on when it will be available.

Images used courtesy of GregsGadgets/YouTube Screenshot.

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