Apple iPhone 12 launch could be pushed back to 2021

The Apple iPhone 12 launch could be delayed up to the early months of 2021 if the company fails to push its suppliers to ramp up the iPhone productions.

September is a highly anticipated month for many Apple enthusiasts. It is usually the time that the company releases new and refreshed versions of well-beloved Apple products. Unfortunately, the situation in 2020 is far from usual. The pandemic has hit the world economy real hard and put the world to a standstill.

The high and mighty Apple was not spared from the effects of severe lockdown in many parts of the world. As such, the original plan for the production of iPhones has also been severely affected. With only three months left before the launch month, the forecast for Apple looks gloomy.

Apple iPhone 12 launch may be delayed

Nikkei Asian Review reports that the Apple iPhone 12 launch could be delayed up to four to eight weeks. Should its report be accurate, Apple may end up launching the iPhone 12 between October or November. A source close to the reporters said that Apple is trying its best to push its suppliers to cut down delay times.

If the iPhone 12 indeed launches during the last quarter of the year, its sales cycle will be severely affected. Such drastic delay will not be able to drum up a momentum moving in the holidays, which is usually Apple’s best month.

Unfortunately, the same source thinks that the actual production of the iPhones could be pushed back up to October. The source said,

“Some final iPhone assembly could be delayed to early October, and it wouldn’t be surprising if there are further delays because there are still a lot of tests going on now and the final designs have not yet been locked down.”

Pandemic effect on Apple

Just like all employees around the world, employees of Apple had to stay at home during the entire lockdown. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when a limited number of them were allowed back in the labs.

Developing an iPhone needs actual physical tests conducted by several designers. Unlike software developments, all new hardware devices require handling. As a result, making and testing the iPhone from home was not a viable option.

If Apple releases the iPhone 12 line up in 2021, it will be one whole year late in the 5G competition. Its rivals, such as Samsung and Huawei, have launched multiple phones with 5G capabilities. Nonetheless, Apple will eventually catch up. The billion-dollar question at the moment will just be when they will be able to catch up.

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