Apple iPhone 12 launch event to be held online

The Apple iPhone 12 launch event will still be held online due to the ongoing onslaught of COVID-19 throughout the United States.

The next highly anticipated smartphone launch is the iPhone 12. WWDC 2020 showed what the new phones would have in terms of the operating system. What users will seek for the next iPhone will be its innovation in form and substance. As such, the hype for the phone is tangible.

WWDC 2020 was held fully online as compared to previous years. Nonetheless, it was an astounding success. The doors were wide open for developers and non-developers to join. As such, the reception for the new operating systems was positive. It remains to be seen how such a strategy will translate when a phone is the product being launched.

Apple iPhone 12 online launch

A physical live event is just not possible these days. There seems to be no end in sight for the damage that COVID-19 is wreaking throughout the world. Only Samsung and Huawei were able to hold a physical smartphone launch this year. Unfortunately, all other smartphone companies had to reinvent the launch to bring the good news to their followers.

Planning for a physical event may be futile. As such, Apple is rumored that it will just hold an online launch for the iPhone 12 in September. It will come as no surprise for the media and tech reviewers. However, there will be a big disappointment because they will not have the first and exclusive access to the new iPhone 12 models.

In the launch event, different executives from Apple would hold a two-hour keynote event. Afterward, the audience is ushered in an experience room where iPhones are lined up for hands-on experiences.

Creative Strategies President Tim Bajarin is sort of an expert in Apple’s events. Although the event will be held online, he said,

“They’ve [apple] got this down.”

What to expect in the launch event

Apple is set to release nine new phones in its September event. It will include the standard iPhone 12 models and the iPhone 12 Pro handsets. It is still unclear if the company will release any mid-tier phone. An earlier rumor indicated that such a phone is underway.

Be that as it may, the iPhone 12 will still be the highlight of the event. Apple will finally join the ranks of its peers in the 5G market. It is still unverified if all the new Apple iPhone 12 phones will get the 5G treatment. However, the Pro models will surely get the latest and fastest 5G chipsets.

Image from Paul McKinnon/Shutterstock

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