Apple iPhone 12 launch may be delayed again

Apple iPhone 12 launch may be delayed again

The Apple iPhone 12 launch could be delayed yet again due to the ongoing constraints brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic to production lines.

The ongoing pandemic is forcing companies to switch up their strategies moving forward. Going online is the name of the game, and the majority has already shifted.

Unfortunately, the effects of COVID-19 have far-reaching effects beyond just consumer access. It also has handicapped production schedules. Due to the lockdowns of different countries, workers aren’t allowed to move into the facilities to meet their usual deadlines. Moreover, global supply chains have been hampered.

As such, the releases of the planned devices have been delayed time and again. Apple is no stranger to these adjustments.

Apple iPhone 12 launch date

Famous Apple leakster Jon Prosser is yet again sharing crucial information about this year’s remaining Apple devices. Prosser said that the releases of the new gadgets would be in tranches. The Cupertino-based company still has several products lined up for 2020. Among these are the iPhone 12, Apple Watch 6, and the new entry-level iPad.

He said that some of the devices might just be released via simple press releases. Apple usually releases their new lineups around September. However, due to supply chain issues, they have been forced to adjust. As such, Prosser claims that the Apple Watch 6 and the new iPad will, unfortunately, be relegated to just the press releases.

Prosser, in his Tweet, claims that the press releases will be around September 7. As for the iPhone 12, it will be launched via an online event similar to WWDC 2020. That will be scheduled around October 12. Unfortunately, only the regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will be available for pre-order on the day of the launch. The Pro models, according to Prosser, will have to wait for a later unconfirmed time for its release.

The dates shared by Jon Prosser can only be confirmed by Apple sooner or later. However, based on the global situation, there may be some accuracy to it.

No EarPods or power brick?

The iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first-ever 5G capable phones. Apple is also expected to remove the EarPods from the box. The rumored move has garnered mixed reactions from the public. However, the more controversial rumor points to the idea that Apple may no longer ship power bricks with the phones.

The discussion about the matter has been divisive. One side thinks that it is just right for Apple to remove them from the box. They think that shipping them only adds more e-waste produced. However, the other side still wants the power bricks for a complete package.

It remains to be seen what will really transpire. Everyone just has to wait for Apple’s official announcement in the coming months.

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