Apple iPhone 12 production increased by 2 million

Apple iPhone 12 Production Increased by 2 million

Due to hot sales, Apple iPhone 12 has increased its order by 2 million units. Apple is also optimistic about the shipments of the product lines next year.

The newest Apple iPhone 12 series is based on a combination of multiple specs and features. It supports 5G, is thin and easy to hold, and is an excellent replacement for existing models.

Cinda Securities believes sales of the series are expected to exceed expectations. The incoming sales are also expected to give Apple a break after the success of the iPhone 11 lineup.

Cinda Securities predicts Apple’s supply chain orders in the fourth quarter of this year. According to them, it will be between 80 million and 85 million, and sales in 2021 are expected to reach 230 to 240 million units.

Apple iPhone 12 production

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro has been on sale in the market in some regions for just a few days. So far, the demand has been quite strong.

So strong is the fact that Apple has, reportedly, contacted its supply chain partners to accelerate production. The tech giant wants the iPhone 12 lineup to double up production by as many as 2 million units.

Apple iPhone 12 Production Increased by 2 million

As reported by GSMArena, the addition of an OLED screen paired with 5G and the new flat frame design seems to be enough to spark consumer interest. Cinda Securities stated that Apple would see demand for the iPhone 12 series reach the 80-85 million unit level.

According to predictions, an estimate of a whopping 230-240 million shipments in 2021 is expected. If this comes true, it will position the iPhone 12 series as the best selling Apple phone in history. As of now, the current record holder is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, at an estimated 222,400 million units.

Another perspective

Cowen analyst, Krish Sankar, forecasts that Apple will report revenue of $64.9 billion in Q4 2020 and an earnings-per-share of $0.72. As reported by AppleInsider, that’ll be driven by continued Mac and iPad demand driven by remote work and education during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Sankar isn’t certainly expecting the tech giant to issue formal guidance for the upcoming December quarter. The analyst expects Apple to “give color” to the period during its Oct. 29 earnings call.

On the other hand, Sankar expects the December quarter to be much more robust, with the bank modeling sales to rise 48% quarter-over-year. Analysts forecast that the Cupertino giant could ship 70 million iPhone units or higher in the December quarter. This number is more significant than the 40 million units expected to have shipped during Q4 2020.

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