Apple iPhone 13 mini seen having diagonal rear cameras

Apple iPhone 13 mini had rumors surrounding it for the past few days. Now, those rumors regarding the rear camera arrangement can be true, it seems.

Apple’s unexpected leak

Apple iPhone mini-series has introduced one of the smallest handsets from the company in recent years. The iPhone 12 mini was sold as a part of the iPhone 12 series all over the world. However, rumors surrounded the model, reporting that it may stop the mini line-up from production.

The rumors cited reason to be the low sales number of the model. But, now it seems that Apple would bring iPhone 13 mini to the market at the cost of the iPhone SE 3. A week ago, CAD renders showed that Apple would launch the mini model in the iPhone 13 series this year, no matter what.

It also showed that the iPhone 13 mini’s rear camera would not be vertically arranged. Instead, the two rear cameras would be set diagonally to fit them into that tiny square rear camera area.

Where it all started

This rumor has circulated in the tech circle, by first being a CAD render and then being a 3-D render. Xleaks7 and Pictou made the CAD render. People suspect that this change is to accommodate a much-bigger camera sensor for the iPhone 13 mini, from 12 Pro max.

This could also mean that the camera bump in the model would get much thicker. A post on the Chinese social media site Weibo shows a hands-on photo of the iPhone 13 Mini. This surprised tech followers, as many believed the CAD and 3D render to be fake.

It is not clear whether the handset in the hand of the person holding it is a fake or a working model. But, the image has fueled speculations and makes it much realistic. This diagonal placement of cameras seems to be refreshing in the 13 series for many.

Updates for 13 series

Apple has some time with it before it starts its mass production before launching the iPhone 13 series. Even though it is regarded as a rumor, Apple would continue to design iPhone 13 series if this design is official. The new model would also sport a smaller front notch.

Apple is reportedly attempting to develop the battery technology in the iPhone mini. The iPhone mini 12 performed poorly in battery endurance tests, so it is a concern.

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Image courtesy of EverythingApplePro E A P/YouTube

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