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Apple iPhone 13 to go big on 5G, will use Snapdragon X60 modem


Apple will reportedly go all-in on 5G by using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 modem to push for speed and efficiency on the iPhone 13.

Just like clockwork Apple is, again, preparing for the release of the next best iPhone model later this year. There is still no sign if Apple will go for an S model or an all-new iPhone 13.

It could be both, but the likelihood of it happening is slim. There has been mixed news about the next step that Apple will take with the iPhone. However, one thing that is most likely to happen is that the iPhone Mini may be put to rest.

iPhone 13 pushes for more speed and efficiency

Last year’s news about the iPhone 12 circled around it being the first 5G-ready Apple device. This new band allowed the phone download speeds it has never provided before. Unfortunately, the 5G rollout across the world has been imbalanced.

As such, iPhone 12 buyers in the United States got a better 5G phone compared to other buyers in another country. Nonetheless, Apple is ready to even out the playing field by using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 modem.

This new 5nm processor is built smaller than the previous X55 modem’s 7nm architecture. Despite it being smaller, it can provide faster speeds and processing compared to its bigger predecessor.

With the new modem, the next iPhone will be able to efficiently optimize different network coverage latency. It will also work on a better design, which will not make the 5G on iPhone a battery-drainer.

Apple will make its own modem in 2023

Last year, Apple and Qualcomm reached an agreement for a multi-year supply of 5G modems for the iPhone. The supply found its way on the iPhone 12. The X60 will most likely be integrated with the next model of the iPhone lineup. The next model of the Snapdragon 5G modem will be used for next year’s iPhone.

2022’s X65 modem can reportedly reach up to 10GB/s of download speed on paper. Of course, its actual speed will still heavily depend on the actual coverage of the 5G network in the country. Nonetheless, the iPhone achieving this speed is an uncharted territory that even no ordinary user will know what to use for.

At best, the faster download speeds can be utilized perfectly for streaming for high-definition 8k content eventually.

After 2022, Apple will reportedly start designing and producing its own 5G modem. This is in line with its effort to perfectly marry the software and hardware design of its products moving forward.

Image from Apple/ YouTube screenshot

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