Apple iPhone prices may appear to be same, but they’re not in reality

Apple iPhone prices may appear to be same, but they're not in reality

Apple iPhone prices this year will reportedly be the same or even lower than the previous models, but there is a bigger picture to this pricing strategy by the company.

WWDC 2020 has just wrapped up. Developers are most probably busy tinkering with their apps to make them iOS 14 ready. If not, they’re most likely busy preparing their products for seamless integration with the upcoming iPhone 12.

Many expected the new iPhone line up to be launched during WWDC 2020. However, they were left hanging after the announcement of the Apple Silicon. Nevertheless, iPhone enthusiasts have Apple’s September event to look out for. Many of them are in for a big surprise.

Apple iPhone prices to remain the same

Earlier reports before the WWDC 2020 found out that the iPhone 12 prices will remain the same as the previous generation’s price tag. However, what those reports didn’t include was the catch. As soon as the price leak hit the web, a follow-up leak showed that Apple would allegedly let go of the EarPods that shipped with iPhones.

There is another catch to the price drop. A recent leak shows that Apple will also forego shipping a charger with the iPhone package. In other words, only an iPhone will come with the box once it hits Apple Stores.

The rumor is still not yet confirmed by Apple. Everyone has to wait for the company to announce whether this leak is true or not. However, putting two and two together, the leak makes sense according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

Same price lower overall value

Contrary to earlier leaks, a 20W power brick will not ship in the same box as the new iPhone 12. Kuo surmises that the strategy from Apple is to compensate costs for the internal upgrades on the phone. However, the news may not be well-received by Apple consumers.

The possible rationale behind the strategy is simple according to Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac. Apple consumers must already have a bunch of power bricks lying around their homes from their older phones. These can be used to juice up the new iPhone 12.

Should they not have any brick available, they can just shell out an extra hundred bucks to buy the new 20W Apple charger brick. A similar rationale can be applied to dropping the EarPods altogether.

These earphones haven’t received any significant upgrade for several years. New iPhone 12 buyers can just use their old earphones to compensate for the lacking earphones in the iPhone 12 package.

Image from David Švihovec/ Unsplash

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