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Apple iPhone SE with A13 chip outperforms all Android smartphones


The Apple iPhone SE is equipped with a powerful A13 chip. This makes it a legitimate challenger to all top-tier Android smartphones.

With the world still reeling with the COVID-19 pandemic, tech companies are responding quite admirably. While most tech companies are cutting costs to contain market loss, Apple is going in a different direction.

Apple’s A13 chip is one of its most powerful pieces of hardware. It is at the heart of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was released last year. Now, that same chip is powering the iPhone SE, a budget-class smartphone.

A powerful piece of silicon

With the A13 at its heart, the iPhone SE will be more than capable of handling features that require extensive computing power. Among the expected features of this new iPhone are portrait mode effects, HDR technology, and 4K video playback at 60 frames per second.

In terms of processing power, the Apple A13 chip also outperforms all chipsets that are currently powering Android phones. A single-task test score of 1,328 revealed that the iPhone SE is on par with the iPhone 11. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra only has a score of 835.

The A13 chip has multiple modules for handling different processes. There are dedicated modules for graphics, AI, HDR video, video decoding, cryptography, and photo processing.

The Apple A13 features a six-core CPU. It has two high-performance cores running at 2.65GHz and four energy-efficient cores. These cores are more than enough to handle mundane tasks like internet browsing and are also powerful to handle processor-intensive tasks.

On the graphics side, the A13 has a four-core integrated Graphics Processing Unit. Compared to its predecessor, the A12, the new chip provides 20% faster graphics performance and 40% more power-efficient.

Budget phones in time of the pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 has helped increase the demand for budget smartphones. While Android devices are commonly the leader in this particular market, Apple is slowly challenging that position.

The Apple iPhone SE is the perfect example of how Apple is trying to make it big in the budget and entry-level market. By equipping this smartphone with powerful hardware, a nice set of features and services, and its powerful branding, the iPhone SE will surely challenge some top tier Android smartphones.

The 64GB iPhone SE costs $400. The 128GB model costs $449, and the 256GB model costs $549.

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