Apple iPhone without charger may be the grand scheme for the next years

The next Apple iPhone 12 will allegedly not ship with cable, charger brick, and EarPods. It may be the company’s preparation for a portless iPhone in the future.

All eyes are set for the heavily rumored iPhone 12 to be released in September. In fact, it is drumming up rumors with the same magnitude before the first Apple phone without the headphone jack.

The infamous announcement of the iPhone 7 will be remembered as the day when Apple killed the entire wired earphones market. As soon as the company dropped the port, all other smartphone companies followed suit. As such, all audio tech companies had to adjust to wireless setups.

Unfortunately, Apple is allegedly planning to do another industry shakeup with the iPhone 12.

Apple iPhone to ship without charger and EarPods

The next iPhone will allegedly not ship with any charger brick, charger cable, and EarPods. All three accessories have been staples that came with the iPhone in the past years. Several leaks released before indicate that Apple could be doing this for several reasons.

First, the decision could have been triggered to protect the margins on the iPhones. New 5G parts and chipsets will be installed on the iPhone. These upgrades entail price increases. Unfortunately, the time of the pandemic isn’t the best time to increase the price tag. As such, Apple is allegedly dropping the accessories to save its margins.

Second, Apple may be allegedly working on the assumption that the majority of the buyers already have an existing power brick and Lightning cable. As a result, shipping a power brick and the earbuds might just be useless for the users. Also, not including the accessories in the box will significantly curb e-waste produced around the world.

Lastly, the move to do away with the accessories may be the company’s preparation for a portless future.

Portless Apple iPhone

Rumors about the iPhone going portless are gaining traction among Apple tech experts. They claim that Apple is ramping up its development for an iPhone that will be free from any cables. Apple is most surely capable of dropping this gauntlet in the market. They have done it before with the headphone jack and they can do it again with any cables.

Apple has played the catch-up game on the bulk of its latest phones’ features. Nevertheless, the company is known to shake up the industry because of its wild decisions. Not shipping the accessories may be the company’s strategy to prime the minds of its consumers for a portless future.

None of the rumors mentioned above are confirmed. Only Apple can confirm or deny any of these in their event in September.

Image courtesy of Halfpoint/Shutterstock

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